We took a family trip to the aquarium in Sarasota when we vacationed in Florida a few months back. I took a ridiculous amount of photos and have since been meaning to share them here! I originally planned to go through every photo, edit them all, etc. but a few nights ago I decided they looked pretty darn good straight off of the camera. I’m sharing a handful at a time because I just can’t choose which ones to share! I especially had trouble picking out just a few seahorse photos – so prepare for seahorse overload!

The above photo is kind of intriguing, right? I’ve never seen a seahorse lay down and take a nap, but that’s kind of what it looks like this guy is doing. At least, I hope that’s what he’s doing! Also – I can’t look at the photos below without thinking that they’re all just hanging out and having a chat. Who can really prove that’s not what is happening? :]

The teeny tiny babies blew my mind- they were so itty bitty! You can see that they are just little specs in the last photo with my nieces and nephews. These photos may not be that cool to anyone else but I’m kind of a nerd about this kind of stuff so- sorry, not sorry! ;]

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