Thoughts on Pregnancy: 17 Weeks + A Little Announcement

I mentioned in my post at 16 weeks that Nate and I were going to be finding out the baby’s gender earlier than we originally thought! I just couldn’t wait until February when I knew it was possible to find out now. I made the appointment on Wednesday and counted down the days until Saturday at 3PM when we would finally know! On Saturday I woke up at 6:30AM unable to sleep another minute. Somewhat because I was excited and a lot because I’ve been battling a horrible cold/cough. I didn’t mind getting up though to go downstairs and snuggle under a blanket by the Christmas tree for a while. I fell back asleep for a bit eventually and by the time I woke up it was time to get ready for the appointment!

When we got there they promptly took us back at 3PM. My Mother-in-law, Sister in-law Erin, and our two nieces were all there for the party and we Face-Timed my parents so they could see as well! Nate and I sat there in awe when we saw our sweet baby on the big screen! Kicking around, moving arms, legs – dancing up a storm. It was so fascinating to think back on my previous ultrasound just 8 weeks before – he just looked like a tiny peanut! The ultrasound tech took pictures of his profile, feet, hands, and tried with all she could to get a clear shot of whether or not baby was a boy or girl. She finally had to ask us to step out and wait while she took another appointment and in the mean time I was to walk around and do whatever I could to get the baby to move around a bit. I started to feel like we would probably have to come back in a week or so. Erin went and got me a sprite to drink, I jumped around a little (I really did), I peed around 15 times, and then it was our turn again. She called us back, I laid down, and BAM – plain as day, it was a BOY!!!

Our Baby Boy at 16 WeeksTHE most ADORABLE baby profile in the whole world!!<3333

I couldn’t believe it! So many people (including Nate) thought it was a girl and they had managed to convince me too! I’ve only had two dreams about the baby and in both it was definitely a boy – but I ignored my gut! Whenever someone asked me what I wanted I was honest about not really caring either way but that also, being a girly girl and all – I wouldn’t mind having a girl. ;] The second I found it was a boy though, my brain switched gears. I immediately started looking up all of the cute boy clothes and nurseries on Pinterest. I’ve already picked my nursery colors and pinned a million cute baby boy outfits and photos. Oh man, I cannot wait!

It has been the cutest thing watching Nate get excited for this baby. I know he would have been the same way with a girl, but I can just see it in his eyes that he’s so proud that he’s going to have a son. I think one of my absolute favorite things about this whole pregnancy will be watching him. He tells us both, individually, every morning that he loves us. He text messages me to tell me what a great mom I’m going to be. He tells me what he’s looking forward to doing with the baby. It melts my heart.

Today I am 17 weeks! Things are mostly the same as they have been. I have been sick for about a week and it’s become clear that it isn’t going away. Thankfully my doctor is going to call something in for me that I can take and hopefully I’ll start to feel better. The ultrasound showed the placenta is anterior, meaning that it’s like a cushion between me and baby. So feeling him move will be more difficult. It could change though! I had resigned to thinking that I wouldn’t feel him at all for quite a few more weeks because of that – but I decided to have a little bit of sweet tea this morning instead of coffee and – BAM. Dancing baby. There was no mistaking that feeling! This baby digs the sweet tea. So .. now I’m wondering if the anterior placenta will really matter at all? I have no idea.

We have a name picked out! I can’t decide if I’m going to keep it a secret until he’s born! Our friends and family know the name .. but do I want to keep it a secret to most of the world? I can’t decide. I’m pretty terrible at keeping things to myself…

Nursery Art + Christmas Gift Ideas

Now that Nate and I know what our little bundle of joy is going to be I am in full on nursery decorating mode! (No, you didn’t miss the memo! I’ll be announcing it soon!) I’m still not totally sure what color pallet I want to go for or if I’ll stick with the theme I’ve had in mind, so naturally I turned to the internet for some ideas! I came across in my search for nursery art and I am in love. After browsing their site for a bit I created quite a wish list for the nursery, my living room, my bedroom – I think it’s safe to say that I will be choosing a few of their prints to include in a few different gallery walls! I love the idea of using both the Kentucky and Florida prints since I am from Florida and Nate is from Kentucky. Perfect!

I was also thinking that these would make great Christmas gifts! I really love to give personalized gifts when I can and these would work so well! And perhaps next year when we have a sweet baby to grace the front of our Christmas cards I will order those from them as well! I could seriously spend all of my money on stationary, cards, and art! It’s just all so pretty! All of the prints are currently 20% off, so snag something for yourself and something for someone you love! I definitely think I’m going to at least pick one out for the nursery to try to build/decorate around. I think that will give me a good direction to go in!

What is your favorite print on Have you ever heard of them? I think it’s possible that I’ve just been living under a rock…

Thoughts on Pregnancy: Week 16

I am 16 weeks pregnant today! I feel like time is flying and also creeping slowly by. It feels like a year ago that we found out but I also kind of can’t believe that I’m already 16 weeks! We went out of town this weekend and it was definitely fun to sport the bump a little in this dress. I finally look a little bit pregnant! Hooray! Haha.

Some thoughts this week….

1.) I just can’t WAIT!!
I found out yesterday that my “20 week scan” will not be until February 4th. I cried. I could handle waiting until the beginning of January to find out if it was a boy or girl but not until February. I know I was just being a dramatic pregnant lady and I fully recognize this, okay? But I just know so many people who are pregnant and have found out at around 14-16 weeks! My jealousy was too much! So I text messaged Nate in a panicky rant about how I’ll be too big and tired by February 4th to even want to decorate a nursery – haha – and he said that he couldn’t stand to wait either. So we made an appointment with a pregnancy spa here in Lexington that does gender reveal ultrasounds!! We will officially know on Saturday! I am counting down! I still don’t have a particular feeling as to whether or not it is a girl or a boy, but so many people have told me they think it’s a girl at this point that I’m starting to think that as well! We will see!

2.) Pregnant Circus
I about died laughing a few days ago when a really southern lady turned and looked at someone I do silks with and said, “She can’t do pregnant circus…”. It was hilarious because of her thick southern accent and the way she said it with deep concern. So I’m going to tell everyone that I do pregnant circus from now on. But I digress – I’m not doing pregnant circus this weekend and I’m a little sad about it. There is a student showcase on Saturday evening that I was planning to be in. I’ve practiced/put together about half of a routine with very simple moves but I just couldn’t make it to enough open practices to get it done in time. So I’m opting out of this one. Looking forward to the next one though post-baby! That will be my goal for getting back in shape – putting together a killer silk routine with all of the drops my heart desires!

3.) My closet is shrinking..
I’m having to wash clothes like crazy because I only have a few outfits that I can fit into now. I am wearing my maternity clothes often and the thought of wearing anything even remotely uncomfortable makes me very cranky.

4.) Sleep Deprived
I barely sleep anymore and if I do it’s very lightly. I never really feel like I’ve been asleep. I’ve been experiencing intense hip pain from sleeping on my sides. I wake up every 30 minutes or so with the pain. On top of that I am peeing like 5 times a night. This still seems so foreign to me as I never used to get up at night to use the bathroom. I am planning on getting a mattress topper and a body pillow soon to help sooth my aches and pains – I’ve read lots of good things on message boards about this helping with the issues I’m having. I have been sleeping with a pillow between my knees but last night I moved it under my back and slept sitting up a bit on my side – it was the best sleep I’d had in a while! Hoping to replicate that tonight!

5.) The Heightened GAG Reflex
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here but I’ve only thrown up once from true morning sickness and that was about two weeks ago. I was just hanging out minding my own business on the couch watching YouTube videos and the next thing I knew I was running to the bathroom. But this gagging thing is a whole other story. This may be TMI, but currently I have a cold/sore throat and the drainage is horrible. If I cough hard enough I will gag and get sick. It’s awful.. but so far it has only happened in the mornings .. the past three mornings. I’m already sick and achey .. throwing up makes it so much worse.

6.) Are you IN there?
I’ve been waiting patiently (you know how patient I am by now) to feel some movement! There have been a few times that I thought I may have felt something but it’s still hard to say! I use my little fetal doppler app about once a day just to see which side the baby is hanging out on and to hear the heartbeat for a second. It gives me peace of mind. =)

Positively Monday

1. Instagram Positivity: How cute is this photo from Shopbando? I love a good collage photo of pretty objects. I strangely get a lot of inspiration from images like this with pretty color pallets and items that I want to add to my wish list! I actually saw this “But First Coffee” mug in person at Altar’d State and I came *thisclose* to buying it. I’ve been thinking about it ever since! Now I think I may need it AND that “I Am Very Busy” phone case!

credit: @shopbando

2. Pinterest Positivity: Feeling all of the positive vibes from this gorgeous photo! I’ve never ice skated at an outdoor ice skating rink and I think it would be so much fun. We actually have one during this time of year in Lexington and we have for the past couple of years, but we’ve never been! I like to dream about sneaking into it in the middle of then night while it’s pouring the snow, just Nate and I. <3 (Because I'm cheesy.)

credit: here

3. Blog Positivity: I was so happy when I came across the Maiedae book club! These ladies are full of positivity and I have a feeling that the books they read are too. I just joined the private Facebook group and I’m excited to pick up the book they’ve chosen for December. I rarely make time to read but when I do I get so much out of it. I’m crossing my fingers that having someone literally tell me which book to read and having others to discuss it with will help me get motivated. I need to mix a little something else in with the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” stuff. Some of that stuff is not positive. 0_0 Ha!!
credit: Maiedae

4. My Positivity: Today I’m feeling positive because Monday is over! I know, this is a late post – but better late than never right?! Womp, womp. Also, my Mom called me today to let me know that they already have someone interested in renting their house and they will find out tomorrow if the background check went through. If so, the renters want to move in by January 1st! It is unbelievably insane to me to think that this could all happen so fast and my parents could be living here permanently very soon! Eekkkk!! On top of that – I have Friday off and Nate and I are heading out of town for a mini-getaway with friends. Our friend Matt tour manages/runs sound for some of our favorite bands (Saves The Day and Say Anything) so we’re going to go hang out with them and listen to some good music! I think we should just quit our jobs and head out on tour with them! I mean, I could be a merch girl…

Share Your Positivity: What are you feeling positive about right now?! Tell me in the comments!!

*** Positively Monday is a weekly feature to remind us all to stay positive, even on those dreaded Mondays! If you would like your Instagram photo, Pinterest submission, or blog post to be considered for an upcoming Positively Monday please shoot me an email or leave a comment! I hope you’ll leave your positive thoughts in the comments!

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