What I Wore: Turquoise Love

Turquoise Tanktop: Express // Blue/Purple Skort: Vintage/Thrift // Peach Silk Pleated Flats: Urban Outfitters // Feather Head Band: Shi Shoe Store // Purple Earrings: H&M // Brown Belt: A gift

I’m super obsessed with Turquoise, in general. Clothing, accessories, decorative items- whatever! I love this color. We have plates, bowls, and cups in this color- not to mention my nails are the exact same shade as the dishes. I can’t get enough. I also can’t get enough of my stairs. ;) They make the perfect stage for photos, but I suppose I can only take so many outfit pictures on the stairs, right?

I always feel a little strange posting these pictures to my Flickr because some people (that I know in real life) may find it a little strange.. or odd.. that I take pictures of myself appearing to have fallen down the stairs. I don’t really know.. I just like it? Haha. It’s some weird arty urge to do something different, I guess?

These are my wedding flats. I really love that I purchased inexpensive wedding shoes that I can wear daily if I chose to- not some pair of ridiculously priced heels that I’ll never find another reason to wear. I had to wear flats though, because I would have been taller than Nate. =)

We had dinner tonight with Nate’s Parents here at our house- we grilled out and it was yummy! We also got another wedding gift delivery that showed up at their house. I’ll have to take pictures of those pretty little items and show you all! I also need to show a few pictures from last night’s little get-together- it was a fun time and Brittany’s puppy made it 100 times more entertaining! But for now.. I am going to get off of the computer and see what Nate and I can come up with as far as entertainment goes. It’s another one of those extremely lonely feeling Saturday nights where we’re really aware of how .. lonely.. we are. Hah! Super glad I got dressed cute to go.. nowhere!

What I Wore: Little Blue Skirt

Skirt: Urban Outfitters // Top: Thrift/Vintage // Necklace: Forever21 // Hairbow: From my childhood!

Today has been a website nightmare, to say the least! I finally got everything almost how I want, and bam- total disaster strikes. I’m still not sure what happened exactly. All I know is that I tried to auto-install the new version of WordPress and it totally died. So after a backup of my database and a download of my themes/plugins, etc.- I reinstalled WordPress completely and we’re back up and running! Thank goodness!

I took these pictures a few days ago, and I thought I would share! I really love this outfit. The skirt is one of my favorites, and I really lucked out when I came upon this top that matches it perfectly via an older lady co-worker friend of mine who offered to let me go through the clothes she wore in HER twenties!! Talk about an awesome vintage wonderland- she brought me boxes and boxes of clothes to go through for a few weeks! This top is actually a leotard, and was probably meant originally as a workout out-fit, but it matches my skirt so perfectly!

Well, now that I’ve re-setup the site and blogged a little- I think it’s time to get my house in shape for some company tonight! We’re having a little cookout with a few friends over in honor of our good friend Jackson because it’s his birthday!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

Thankful Thursdays V.1

credit: weheartit

I’ve been trying to think up an ongoing weekly theme- and I think I finally have it. Yes, Thankful Thursdays! I think it will really help my “positive energy” to sit down and think about exactly what I’ve been thankful for over the past week- and it might inspire some of you to think about the things you’re thankful for, too! At first I thought- what if I run out of things to be thankful for? And then I realized that the fact that I even thought I could run out of things to list is the exact reason I should do this! Because there are always new things- even if they’re small! I haven’t decided how many things to list per entry .. so I suppose I’ll figure that out as I go!

So, this week in my first edition of Thankful Thursdays:

My Husband, Nate =)

As these progress, I will do more WEEKLY related things that I’m thankful for- but since I’m just starting out I think it’s necessary that I chose my Husband and our marriage as the number one thing that I am thankful for. =) Don’t worry. I wont chose such obvious picks in the upcoming editions- and there are many other things that are just as obvious (like God’s love and favor on our marriage, our house, air conditioning, and food!) but I’m not going to list all of these things because I think it goes without saying! I’m not trying to be mushy here or anything- but I just can’t explain how amazing it’s been to be married to Nate. It’s everything I ever dreamed it could be and more. We were blessed with the wedding that we wanted, the perfect honeymoon, and a beautiful home- and even if we hadn’t had any of those things and we were living in a cardboard box, I would say the same thing because no one makes me happy like he does. No one makes me feel safe and calm like he does. No one can hug me and melt away a hard day like he does. He’s my everything, and there’s nothing I could ever be more thankful for in my life than him!

A Fixed TV!

So in the grand scheme of things- the TV is fairly unimportant and I’m aware of this. However, when you spend nearly a grand on a single object and you spend a good portion of your time using it- it’s real sad to lose it after 2 months! But Nate and I prepared for the worst when the TV repairman came out on Tuesday. And then, about 15 minutes later as we sat at our dining room table playing with our phones and laptop in the awkward silence- we heard the cute little Samsung jingle that plays when our TV turns on! ASLAKSDLKAJSKD! We both looked at each other and smiled, and a few minutes later the TV Dude was like, “Hey, you’re all set.”, and we were pretty much in shock that he wasn’t standing in front of us explaining that we need to make funeral arrangements for our 2 month old TV. I think we said thank you, really dramatically, like 10 times as he walked toward the door and left. WOOHOO. And then the cable box needed fixing and the cable people came and went- and TADA! TV! So yes I’m thankful that the TV is okay, but mostly I’m thankful that we didn’t lose a huge chunk of money in such a crappy way.

Loving To Cook

So at first I was completely intimidated by cooking. And I’m not an amazing cook at this point by any means- but I can do it- and it comes out right, and so far most everything I have cooked has been delicious. I haven’t had one of those newlywed burnt dinner experiences yet- and for THAT I am truly thankful. I actually enjoy cooking, and that’s what I’m mostly thankful and excited about. I used to have no interest in it- like, why would I want to cook when I could just go get something? And I still have times when I feel like that, but for the most part I really love the experiment of seeing what I can cook next and how it will turn out- and especially, Nate’s reaction to it! It’s just a good feeling to hear your Husband tell you that you cooked a wonderful dinner. :) This picture is of the garlic fettucini alfredo that I made and I could tell it’s been his favorite so far, and it made me feel super proud!

Well, I think I’ll wrap up Thankful Thursdays! Those are three pretty big things. =) .. Oh and, I’ll add one more. I’m thankful that Nate is not afraid of spiders. I think we’re going on 5 or 6 kills in a little over a week… big poisonous ones, too. *waves* Hi, huge Arachnophobia freak out person, right here. Can’t even look at a PICTURE of a spider without having a mild panic attack- k? If Nate was afraid of them.. I’m pretty sure we’d be locked in a room together holding cans of bug spray and sweating. We just sprayed the outside of our house so let’s please pray that next weeks edition of Thankful Thursdays has, “no spider sitings” listed. *shudder*

We’re Getting There..

I’m almost satisfied with the way the site looks- what do you think? =) Can’t wait to fill up my right sidebar with buttons linking to awesome friend blogs and sponsors. I would write a lengthier post, but I’m exhausted and ready for bed.

PS: Our TV and cable are BOTH fixed. It’s a miracle!

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