Thankful Thursday V.8 - Blog Edition

While thinking about what I would write today for Thankful Thursday I really started thinking about how thankful I am for the blogs that I read! So today I’m putting a little spin on Thankful Thursday and making it a blog edition- where I tell you a little bit about the types of blogs I am thankful for and an example of each! =)

My absolute 100% favorite type of blog to read/view would be (dun, dun, dun)- Fashion Blogs!! Yes, I know. No shock there! But there are very different types of blogs based around fashion out there, and I would say I’m a little bit picky! I like the personal touch of the blogger to be very present and for it to be obvious that this is their style. I’m not saying I dislike a fashion blog where the blogger is more a character than they are themselves- but I’ve never found myself hooked on any blogs like that. I like to see a real person, in clothes, styles, make-up, accessories, etc. that real people can afford! I ran across this website yesterday and it really made me realize how much I value “real”. I think that girl is absolutely stunning and her style is my dream, don’t get me wrong! If I walked into her closet I’d probably pass out from excitement. But she writes in her about me that this is a character- and that really spoke to me about the difference between her blog and my absolute favorite!


As of right now and for the past few months- Elizabeth’s blog has been my absolute favorite blog when it comes to fashion! Her blog is a mix of everything that makes her who she is and I can just tell what a down-to-Earth kind of girl she is! I think I like her blog so much because she does a wonderful job of letting you look into the window of her life and view her style as it really and truly is. She takes her photos herself for the most part with a self timer and there’s just no added glitz and glam. I really admire what she’s done with her blog and I hope one day *maybe* someone will love my blog as much as I love hers!

My second favorite type of blog would have to be just plain old personal blogs! I’ve been blogging since I was 14 or so and I’ve followed a handful of people around the web for almost that long! Crazy!! Sometimes I have a terrible attention span, though- and it takes a special person to write a blog based around their every day life that truly keeps me interested and coming back for more. I have quite a few favorites (and if I leave you out here it’s because I’m only picking ONE or I’d be here all night writing about how awesome all of my friend’s blogs are!) - but I’d say this particular one has had me hooked for a while!

Sometimes Sweet

Danielle at Sometimes Sweet has a wonderful personal blog! She posts very inspiring blogs with a wide range of interesting topics. You can read about her every day life, her current pregnancy (aw!), find great recipes/nutrition advice, fitness tips, etc etc. I find her writing very easy to read and always interesting. Not to mention, she posts tons of cute pictures- which I happen to love in a blog! She also has a little segment called Tattoo Tuesday, and as a tattoo lover I always look forward to Tuesdays!

And lastly, I love photo-blogs! Whether they be on an actual blog or through Flickr. Rather than put down their thoughts through text and paragraphs, some people share what the feel through their photographs. I have a definite favorite when it comes to this type of “blogging” and I’m happy to share!

Yyellowbird on Flickr

I am absolutely in love with the photography of Cari Ann Wayman. She is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, and so unique with her photography. She has a serious eye for great locations, and I love the abandoned places she finds! I have always aspired to show the kind of emotion through my own photographs that she shows through hers and I admire her a ton! I really think she’s going to go far in this field and I hope she continues to post on Flickr! =)

So there you have it! These are my three favorite types of blogs, and my three favorite examples! I’m thankful for these beautiful women and that they’re willing to share a piece of themselves with people like us on the internet! I hope you find them all as interesting as I do!

A Cold Monday

I woke up this morning, and it was cold. It was cold in my house, and I checked the temperature outside and it was COLD there too. Okay so, “cold” was about 55 outside… but with a dreary grey sky and drizzly rain- yeah. I put on some leggings, a long sleeve shirt, and slipped into my knock-off Uggs for the first time since last February/March? It felt kind of good. But then, I got to work and realized how out of whack the air conditioning was due to the temperature outside. Luckily I work a job where I can sit in my chair wrapped up in a blanket and not move much- and that is exactly what I did.

Nate and I finally went to the store tonight. Our kitchen and refrigerator were starting to look pretty bare and we pretty much groaned to each other about how hungry we were all weekend. Right after we got married grocery shopping seemed fun and exciting, along with cooking. And lately we’ve kind of fallen into a rut! Hah. But we’ve been better about eating healthier foods- with the exception of tonight’s Kroger Buffalo Chicken dinner- so I can’t be mad at us. ;] My new favorite breakfast = Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fresh raspberries! I’m also obsessed with orange juice. Speaking of healthy- I think I will start a Wednesday blogging segment called, “Wii Fit Wednesday”. Be on the look out for what that entails! And if you have a Wii Fit that you use often or want to start using often (like me) leave a comment and let me know, because maybe this could some how be an interactive thing with other bloggers!

My mind is all over the place, so I think it’s time for bed. Mondays and Tuesdays are long days at work- the fact that I’m blogging at all is amazing!

Oh Make Me Over!

Well folks- this is what I did this weekend. Partially to distract me from Nate’s unhappiness during the UK football game and partially to help me forget that I actually had other house things that I needed to be doing. And actually- I just remembered that the sheets are in the dryer and there’s a load of my clothes in the washer. Crap. But yes.. I had a vision while looking at one of my favorite wedding pictures and I went with it. =) I still need to put together my little list of Link Loves, update my info, etc. But for the most part everything is up and running and at least looking the way it should! So this of course makes me extremely happy.

I want to blog more about how I just watched the first episode of this season of the KevJumba is on it with his Dad!!! I also want to tell you about how Nate and I took a very pleasant stroll through the booths and shops set up for the World Equestrian Games downtown today, enjoying the amazing temperature of 65 degrees! Or maybe about how I vacuumed our house, pants-less (after I got hot, stripped them off, and draped them over the stair rail), visiting my glass of wine every few minutes until cleaning became more fun than usual .. while my Husband laughed at how ridiculous I looked. There was really a whoooole bunch of stuff I was going to tell you all about. BUT, I have to put sheets on our bed.. and I have to prepare for my 4 day work week.

So, until next time… =)

Thankful Thursday V.7

So I skipped the last few Thankful Thursday posts- yes, shame on me! But I’m back on board this week and I’m here to tell you a list of things that I’m currently thankful for. This week I am thankful for:

Seasonal Decorating

[pictobrowser 21456022@N07 72157624804076217]

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows/knew how excited I’ve been for Fall (and still am!). Part of my excitement was due to the fact that I actually have my own house to decorate this year, for the first time ever! Fall decorations are so beautiful and I have drooled over such items in home sections of stores for years just dreaming of the day when I would own my own home and be able to decorate for all of the seasons, but especially this one! The only thing that could get me more excited? CHRISTMAS. But we’ll save that for a couple of months down the road! Now, I know that decorations like this aren’t exactly a necessity, so that is mainly why I’m thankful. Just for the fact that I could spend an extra thirty bucks on something frivolous that just makes me happy. =)

Saving Money With The Internet

I don’t always rock at this.. in fact.. I know there are probably tons of coupons and ridiculous savings that I could be gaining from the internet if I spent a little more time and looked a little harder (and bought a printer). But, yesterday I saved a ridiculous amount of money (in my eyes) thanks to the internet and I am freaking ecstatic. LET ME EXPLAIN. Okay- first of all you need some backstory. I take a birth control called Yaz. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it- made me feel weird, upset tummy, kind of moody- yada, yada. Three months later I’m used to it and it’s doing wonderful things for my life- like clearer skin, less cramps, and less rage for absolutely no reason around that “time”. (Probably lost my male readers at this point.. but this part of the story is needed.) So I am finally feeling good about this birth control and I’m almost out of my sample packs. I decide to look up the cost of Yaz through my insurance provider which covers absolutely none of it if you pick it up at the local pharmacy- leaving me with a cost of $72. Oh yes. I said $72- a month. I don’t have an extra $72 a month just laying around and I certainly can’t justify spending that on a contraceptive! Now, I’m angry. I can send off for it in the mail through the insurance and pay $40 for 3 months worth and that is fine, I can live with that. But, I’m almost out so I have no choice but to visit the pharmacy.

When I went to fill it I knew I’d be paying $72 and I was aware that there was a new generic version of this pill out there, but didn’t realize that they are required to give you the generic if you don’t specifically request the name-brand. Yes- remember that in case you need something filled and you don’t want a generic! This would’ve been okay with me but, this generic pill called Gianvi still cost me $57 and that is slightly ridiculous for something that is supposed to be significantly cheaper. I looked up reviews and found nothing but bad, bad things. Gianvi came out in June and a good percentage of the people that switched over from Yaz are experiencing crazy moods, break outs, upset stomach, etc. Basically it’s like starting a new pill all over again because the filler ingredients aren’t quite the same- setting you up with different reactions. So I decided, “No bueno”, and took it back to the pharmacy.

SO getting to why I’m thankful for the internet- I found a Bayer Savings Card through the Yaz website. It allows you to pay $5 for your first prescription refill of Yaz and no more than $25 a month after that. So after some convincing, the pharmacist took back my $57 generic and gave me my Yaz for $5. The card doesn’t expire either. I’m pretty stoked and thankful to say the least. And if you take Yaz or Yasmin - click here to see the Bayer Savings Card and get your own! K.. that was long.


I bought the prettiest puzzle yesterday and I love it. The only thing is- it’s so pretty and I want to put together in like .. an evening. But this is going to take some time and I’m already very impatient. I am thankful for the puzzle though because it helps me wind down and gives me my own little hobby when Nate is playing his Xbox! Also? I have girlfriends who like puzzles.. and I’m thinking we might be able to spend some time doing the puzzle vs. shopping. LOL. Yeah.. that probably wont happen. Sounds kind of lame when I type it out like that. BUT IT’S NOT. Okay?


I know this sounds sort of alcoholic and all but, I’ve really grown to love wine. When we had a wine tasting at a local vineyard for my bachelorette party I knew I liked it but wasn’t really sure about it. I had picked a specific one there that was a Pinot Noir that I liked a lot, but of course- it was the most expensive one that they had. Recently I’ve started buying different kinds at Liquor Barn to try (all Pinot Noir) and I finally found one I LOVE. It’s Mark West 2008- and it has a hint of smokey flavor like the one I tried at our vineyard. It’s not expensive either. I’m trying to decide if I’ll try a new kind next time .. but I think I’ll stick to this one for a while! I’ve started collecting the corks with the names on them. =) I mean, I only have 3 so far! And for your information: I only have around 2 glasses a week (and I only fill my glass half full) - so I am far from a lush! (just sayin’) So it may sound a little silly to be thankful for wine- but it’s true. A glass now and then is relaxing, especially paired with a pretty puzzle after a long day at work!

Road Trips!

Lastly, I’m thankful for good times with friends on the road! We’re headed off to Mississippi for the Kentucky/Ole Miss football game a week from tomorrow! And by we I mean Nate, myself, Jackson, & Kristie! We traveled to Georgia for a game and it was a BLAST! It was quite cold too, and at least we wont be dealing with that this time. =) Although that kind of added a fun aspect to it. But, I swear we’ve talked about that trip a million times since then because we had so much fun. So I’m really hoping to make some equally awesome memories in Mississippi! We’re also stopping in Memphis. So excited! =D

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