Friends, Music, & Fun

This past weekend was a blast. Jackson & Kristie came into town on Friday night and we all ended up going out with a group of friends we don’t see that often. I kidnapped Brittany from work basically and so she, Nate, and myself went to Cheddar’s and had a delicious dinner before our night of chaos! We eventually all ended up at a bar where one of my more recent favorite bands, 500 Miles To Memphis, just happened to be playing HERE. They’re from Cincinnati so I guess it’s not that crazy, but- I was pretty excited that we just sort of stumbled in to their show! We saw them play and even got to talk to the band members, and later on they still remembered my name so.. I wont lie.. that was pretty awesome. ;] In case you haven’t heard them, you need to: so click here!

Other details of that completely ridiculous Friday night shall remain untold, but just know that it will be a Friday night not soon forgotten. Hah!

Saturday was much more mild, and filled with recovery from the night before. I was apparently starting to get sick but couldn’t really tell yet. Kristie, Jackson’s Mom, and I went shopping at Target while the men went to the UK game. One lime green cardigan, a pair of floral tights, and 3 pair of sweat pants for Nate later- Kristie & I left Target and went to the mall. After much wandering and a lot of pouting over our extremely expensive taste and all of the things we couldn’t buy, we went to our favorite coffee shop to buy some tea and discuss where we would eat dinner. Our expensive taste said: PF Changs. However, I had a free appetizer card and we split our meal so we got an insane amount of food for fairly cheap! We went back to Jackson’s house and hung out with his parent’s until the game was over and then Nate and I went home because I was starting to really feel like crap.

Sunday was spent mostly in one spot on the couch where I moaned, coughed, and slipped in and out of consciousness with Friday Night Lights and The Office playing in the background. Today was spent the same way. I’m finally starting to feel better thanks to Nate who has pampered me and brought me Chipotle to cheer me up. I feel better-ish and I’m hoping to feel at least 80% in the morning. The highlight of my sickness? Having Biscuit to keep me company at all times. <3 I never knew how much joy a tiny white bunny would bring Nate and I, but man, she really has! She discovered the couch tonight and bounded up onto Nate’s lap- I’ve never seen more excitement in her eyes! I’ll post a video soon. =)

A UK Win & A Baby Biscuit Bunny

Last Saturday was the Kentucky vs. South Carolina game, and I got to go! Nate and his Dad usually attend games together, but his parents were in Florida this past weekend celebrating their 30th anniversary!! So, naturally I was next in line for the ticket. And I didn’t try to give it to Jackson this time. ;p During the first quarter, I wont lie, I wanted to leave. It was looking pretty terrible for UK and I was slightly cold. Nate even confessed after the game that he thought about leaving at half time, which he never does … but mostly because I looked cold. But they came back and won the game 31-28 at what felt like the last minute, maybe even the last second! The whole stadium was shaking- it was such an awesome atmosphere and so fun to experience it with Nate!

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On Sunday, we spent the majority of the morning on the couch relaxing. Later that afternoon we decided to visit a highly recommended pet store in our city to look at bunnies! Originally I was really against pet stores, but I know someone who’s had several bunnies from this store and they have all been in perfect health. We’d been going back and forth on the idea of getting one for a while and this particular pet store is known for having the breed I wanted. So, we went .. and we immediately fell in love with a 2 month old white Lionhead bunny. I picked her up, and I knew she was mine! We bought everything we needed, brought her home, and have been enjoying her company so much! We named her Biscuit. =) The first night we had her she was a little unsure of us, but by Monday night she was hopping into our laps and licking us. She is the spazziest little thing and loves to do laps around the living room furniture, and us! We leave her cage open when we’re here in the living room to watch her and she hops in and out as she pleases. She returns to her cage to go potty, she’s so smart! Nate and I have been talking about her to people like she’s our newborn child.. it’s pretty hilarious.

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Dear Interwebz.

I haven’t forgotten you. October has been the month of road trips, lots of girl time!, partying like it’s 1980, and um.. battling internet psychopaths. True story.

Partying like it was 1980 was pretty fun though. ;] (the road trip was pretty fun too minus the whole losing thing.. I enjoyed the girl time at least!)

I’m pretty stoked on the rest of this month being really uneventful. =D