Happy .. Black Friday!

I missed wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.. but maybe Happy Black Friday will do? Both of these were very happy for me! I’ve had a lot of friends and family around the past couple of days and it’s really been a blessing! Thanksgiving was spent in the usual way a couple hours south with Nate’s family, and Black Friday was spent lounging and cleaning in the early part of the day and then we headed over to Nate’s Parent’s house for Christmas ornament decorating and a yummy dinner. Can’t think of anything better.

My house is completely decorated for Christmas, and I love it. It just feels warm and happy. I need to take an updated picture of the tree as I’ve added a lot to it since the last one! It’s really starting to feel like Christmas now- especially after getting a little bit of snow last night. =) I can’t wait to have my Parent’s in town for a few weeks for Christmas! They haven’t seen our house yet and I can’t wait! I’m hoping I can take a trip home sometime in the beginning of the year, too. After Christmas it will have been over a year since I last went home and that just feels crazy.

It’s weird the way life changes. So much has happened over the course of the last 5 years and so much just over this last year! Now that we’re coming to the end of it I feel like I need to reflect. I’m sure I will post a blog just in dedication to that, very soon! And also, the year in pictures! Those are always fun. =)

Christmas Up Your Life!

It may be a little early for some, but right around this time I start getting pretty antsy to get my Christmas decorating going. I just can’t help myself! The first thing I usually start off with? Electronic decorating! Everyone needs a pretty Christmas desktop, right? I posted my desktop on Twitter- but in case you missed it I thought I’d share it again here! Leanne from fresh-season.com suggested I share where I got my pretty Christmas desktop stuff as well, and I thought that was a great idea!

(click the img to see it bigger)

My Desktop:
1. Wallpaper (among many others!) found here
2. Snow Globe Icons found here
3. Desktop Lights found here
4. Photo Desktop found here

I also use a fan control program to rev up my macbook fan when it’s getting a little too hot.

Do you have any Mac desktop programs that you swear by? Share ‘em here! =D

Shoo, Flu.

I’ve been trying to keep myself from blogging these last few days. Weird, right? But I feel like my blog has been really upbeat and positive lately and I really didn’t want to drag it down. But, my blog is also about documenting my life, even the parts that aren’t so happy. I think having the Flu falls in the “not so happy” category.

I’ve been quarantined to the bedroom since 10am yesterday after my doctor’s appointment. My fever has been coming and going but luckily it hasn’t spiked back up to 104 since yesterday afternoon. I’m not so miserable being horribly sick as I am just.. really lonely. I’ve been desperate to make it back to work tomorrow but blow drying my hair earlier reminded me that if I can’t stand for 10 minutes in the bathroom then I probably can’t drive myself to work or pick up trays of mail and carry them around. I’m just frustrated. I want out of the bedroom. I want a hug. I want to see my Husband. =( Soon enough though. I’m trying to be patient.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

This morning I decided I needed to continue trying to use the remaining can of pumpkin puree in my fridge. Recently I found a recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes here, and I thought they looked delicious. I made a few changes- used whole eggs instead of egg whites, used white flour instead of wheat. And I know, I know- they could’ve been healthy ..ish. But oh well. They still turned out really yummy, and that’s really all that matters right?

The milk is missing from this picture because Nate had to run to the store and get it. Also, I used butter instead of cooking spray so disregard that!

dry ingredients

wet ingredients- minus the milk!

in the pan!

ready to eat =)

nom, nom, nom

Now it’s time for a nice shower, and the rest of the day will be spent with kiddos! Today is my Niece, Maile’s, birthday- she’s 2! Happy Birthday Maile Joy. =)

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