Jan-March 2010 Recap

I’ve started off with the first three months here because I lost my mind trying to narrow down the pictures for each month! Hah! I just have so many and I want to share them all. But in my defense- the first part of our year was pretty jam packed! Stay tuned for the next recap posts. It may not get done tonight but that will just give me something to look forward to doing! This is has been such a fun post to put together so far. I’m really thankful for photos. Also- I will be taking our first 365 photo tomorrow and not tonight. We are having friends over and I’m sure we will be devoting our attention to a good time!

We rang in the New Year in my hometown. It was pretty low-key, but we had our beautiful engagement pictures taken and got to hang out with some of my friends from home! This month also holds one of our most memorable nights in Cincinnati- hockey, me walking into a pole and cracking my forehead open, and Daniel’s famous Chili.

February was a lot more eventful. We started looking at houses in February and finally decided on building- and so began that insane process! My parents also came up to help Nate’s Mom/Sisters throw my Bridal Shower. We took a little weekend get away trip for Kristie’s birthday, too!

After bridal shower fun!

What a great night..

Posing in front of our lot!

Down town with Nate, Mom, & Sam

Shows with friends!

March was a full month as well! The construction of our new home really took off- so exciting. We spent more time with Jackson & Kristie- playgrounds, poker, Alabama Fizz, & UK Baseball. Had a night of bowling for Ashley’s birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. Sent out wedding invitations. And began packing all of our things for the upcoming move! I also really started getting into outfit pictures around this time.

The pond by our lot

A favorite from playground day!

A break from packing- Bella & Uncle Nate

My BFF Ash & cosmic bowling on her birthday

Hey There 3AM

It’s officially the last day of the year. I didn’t mean to stay up until 3am! I’m exhausted, but I got rolling on my layout change and couldn’t stop! There are still a few things to be done but, I am satisfied for now so I think I can go and sleep peacefully. I get so involved in things sometimes. On a random note- I purchased a nice little prop for the first 365 photo today (yesterday). I can’t wait to start! Also, look forward to my 2010 recap later today.. if I wake up today.

Memory Lane

A few weeks ago Nate and I found a steal of a deal on a printer/scanner/fax in Target. It’s been sitting upstairs in our spare bedroom (after almost being chewed open while sitting downstairs in Biscuit territory). Today I finally got it out and put it all together because I was going to print my insurance cards and we were going to go take care of my ticket. However, our insurance provider had my info all messed up and now we have to wait until tomorrow to do that. So, I decided to sit up stairs for hours and scan pictures. I want to share them with you!

I’ll start with some self-embarassement. Plus some proof that I have had a tan in my life.. and my hair does grow out of my head that color. Or if I ran around in the sun it would..

Christmas.. 1990?

My Mom holding newborn me!

My cousin Amy & I on Halloween

My Dad & I on Halloween

Mom & I at the beach

Me & Etoile - my Papa’s cousin and a very important person in my life!

Baby love..

Daddy & I at my Grandma’s on my Birthday

I have a few more to share as well, and I’m saving the best for last. :)

Looking Forward

Can’t lie- I’m kind of excited about the prospect of a new year! Having a less than desirable turn out to something I so badly wanted to be to just be good (not even great!) over the past week has made me very excited to look ahead and keep rolling.

Over the next few days I will be posting my 2010 recap- possibly split up into a few posts so that I don’t lose my mind trying to construct that all at once! This was a really monumental and exciting year in my life- a milestone if you will- so I’m excited to look back, gather up pictures, and really look at everything that happened!

I’m also excited to go in the direction of “personal style” with this blog! I know I’ve said this a few times, and I’ve kind of turned that way but haven’t really stayed true to it. I’m going to stop talking about doing things and actually do them- give aways, regular out fit posts, and more interesting content! And let’s not forget Bun-Day Sundays with Biscuit! Oh yes, you heard me.

Annddd, if you’ll remember me talking about my upcoming 365 on Flickr you might remember I said I was planning something a little different from the typical self-portrait version. And I am. You might have already guessed my idea at this point but, you’ll just have to wait and see wont you!? So be sure to come back at midnight on Friday to follow the project! =) I wont give up this time- it’s part of my New Years Resolution! *crosses fingers*

So many things to look forward to in 2011- blog wise, and other! I’m really excited!

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