Day 31 of 365 Days of Marriage


So today is the last day of the first month of our 365! One month down, 11 more to go! It feels really good to have stuck to something like this. :] Currently we’re just chilling on the couch waiting to go meet our friends- Dickie & Jennie- for appetizers/drinks. I have to return the shipment of clothes she sent over so that she can start shipping them off to all of the lovely ladies who’ve purchased them so far. It’ll be fun to see them for a little bit, and then it will be straight to bed! I’m looking forward to getting through tomorrow and Wednesday morning- I have to be ready by the time I’m usually just getting up on Wednesday for our builder home inspectors to come and look over the issues we’re having with the house. Joy! (not) But I’m glad it’s going to get taken care of.

Well, I think we’re about to be on our way! Hope you had a great start to your week!

Day 30 of 365 Days of Marriage


Hallelujah! It was “warm” today. Okay so it was like ..43 degrees. But I think it may’ve reached 50 for about 10 minutes and THE SUN WAS OUT. I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun, and that is not an exaggeration. Well, besides yesterday.. but we stayed in so it was kind of like it didn’t happen.

We started our day off by heading over to my In-Law’s for lunch- which was amazing, by the way! We had pork roast, veggies, and a yummy salad with all kinds of berries and nuts. I’ve been craving raspberries! We hung out over there and visited a bit and then headed off to Target to pick up a few things I needed, and then over to Joseph Beth to browse through a few books/magazines. There are huge windows overlooking a pretty little pond with comfy chairs nearby, so we always enjoy spending a couple hours in there just hanging out together and reading a little! This is usually a Spring/Summer time ritual so I was excited because it’s been a few months!

After we were done there we ended up near one of my favorite local vintage stores- Street Scene! So of course we had to stop in and take a look. Nate had never been in with me and I really wanted him to see it. I new I didn’t have any money to spend but I still love looking at all of their amazing items. The store actually goes back quite a ways to the left from what you can see in this picture- the clothing/shoe section is back there complete with cute little changing rooms for you to try on any vintage treasures that you find! I also absolutely love all of the handmade jewelry and headbands that are made by various local Etsy sellers and sold in their shop! Love, love, love! Anything you could ever need for your stylish home or wardrobe can literally be found in there.

When we got ready to leave there Nate declared that he wanted to take me to Orange Leaf- a new frozen yogurt place that I’ve been dying to visit. So, we headed there and I kind of wish we could have stayed there all day- free refills please?

Top Left: mine- cheese cake and pomegranate with cherries, kiwis, and sprinkles! | Top Right: front of building | Bottom Left: yogurt flavor dispenser area | Bottom Right: nate’s- cookies & cream and confetti cake with sprinkles, reese’s pieces, and white chocolate chips!

You grab a cup, fill it up with the yogurt flavors of your choice, pick your toppings at the topping bar, weigh it at the register, and pay based on the weight of your cup. And it was probably the yummiest yogurt ever. And the decor is so upbeat and modern- it just made me feel happy to be in there!

We decided to head home after grabbing some food for Biscuit, but I really wanted to take our 365 while we were out so we ended up a cute little playground!

Dress: c/o Vicious Threads | Tights: Old Navy | Boots: Wet Seal | Denim Jacket: gift | Earrings: Betsey Johnson

I really want to thank my sweet and wonderful Husband for wanting to take me out to do things that he wouldn’t necessarily choose to spend his Sunday doing if it was up to him. ;] I don’t think he has a clue how much fun I actually had today. I love you Nate!


I woke up at 9AM this morning after getting to bed around 3:30AM. What? I know. Ridiculous- both that I went to bed that late, and that I woke up a mere 30 minutes after I would normally wake up for work. But it’s just different when you don’t have to go to work! I got a shower and got all ready but stayed in comfy clothes because I knew we’d spend the majority of the day here and I had some light cleaning to do. I didn’t do much of that light cleaning.. but a little bit is better than nothing.

We were supposed to go out tonight for Jason’s birthday but we realized that it really wasn’t in our budget. :[ Plus I’m in zombie town due to not having any Dr. Pepper all day until about an hour ago. I ate really healthy all day and drank water- but then we ate pizza and I cracked one open because I was feeling pretty comparable to this guy without my caffeine fix. Pathetic. Right but- we really wanted to go. Sorry Jason, I love you but we’re poor and cripple. (Oh yeah they were going to go bowling too and Nate can’t bowl anymore due to a baseball injury and I apparently yanked my arm out of it’s socket or something at some point because it hurts a lot… randomly..)

Say Happy Birthday to Jason on the 31st - you can @Jmooo23 him on Twitter. ;]

So as for our 365 explanation- in case you haven’t figured it out - we are fighting over the remote. I know- it looks brutal and serious. I’m honestly pretty easy going about the TV. He has reign over it about 98% of the time.. but then again my face is in the MacBook! So! Unless I’m just deathly tired of sports or something I don’t complain much. Plus we like a lot of the same TV shows. It’s funny because I’m just kind of go with the flow. I’ll watch whatever. And he’s more opinionated and has more “criteria” for what he’ll watch. (No Bad Girls Club marathons with Nate! Ha.)

Today was a really beautiful day. It’s a shame we stayed inside but tomorrow is supposed to be just as pretty so we’ve decided we’re going to take advantage of it then! Everyone needs a day of rest, right?



Day 28 of 365 Days of Marriage


Well, it’s 2am! But don’t worry- we didn’t forget our picture. =) I decided to snap a quick shot of our “pillow talk”, because laying in bed and just talking is easily one of my favorite things to do with Nate. Especially after a long day, or in this case- a long *week*! We go through weeks and weeks of Fridays that just sneak up on us and then we’ll go through a week like this one where it seems that the weekend is getting further away and not closer! Our afternoon was spent on the couch under the big pink fuzzy blanky. Nate napped and I watched That 70s Show and Gilmore Girls. I wanted to nap, but if I’m interested in a show it’s just not going to happen. It’s frustrating because I kind of wish I could just watch TV and then drift into a peaceful slumber- but no. Apparently TV stimulates my brain in the same way that the internet does. (kind of like now as i try to fight my eyes shutting…)

We had friends over tonight. It wasn’t a planned thing- it just happened! Those are always my favorite friend gatherings. I find that when we try to plan things they just turn into chaos- but when there’s a sporadic get together it flows perfectly. Not that there was much detail to tonight. We watched The Big Lebowski, laughed, and then somewhere around 3/4 way through it I think a wave of exhaustion hit and it was like, “IS THIS OVER YET?” Once it was everyone (well, 3 people- Jackson, Kristie, and Sully) poured into their coats and shoes and out the door into the cold. I bet they’re all already asleep as I type this! Which gives me a really good idea…


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