Weekend Overload

Whoa, whoa, whoa- I KNOW. Emmy reminded me that I should probably update this little ole’ blog of mine, and she’s right. Our weekends have been so fun but so full! Loving it but when I crawl into bed at like 1 or 2am I have little motivation to do much besides make sure that we actually have a photo for the day!

SO, quick recap! On Thursday Brittany and I both got off of work around 12:30pm so we came back to my house, made some mexican food, and watched a movie on Netflix. It rained all day and it was pretty much perfect for hoodies, blankets, and movies! After Nate got home we made omelets and hung out watching tv, snuggling, and playing Words With Friends.

Day 55 of 365 Days of Marriage

Biscuit decided to help Nate cheat against me on words with friends…

Friday night turned out to be a friend night with me, Nate, Ash, Brittany, Jason, and Bryan. We had dinner at Pazzo’s (minus Bryan) and then had a some hang out time at my house playing rock band, making amaretto sours, and having girl talk. Nate passed out on the couch and wandered to bed before I could get a picture so I improvised and took a picture of me checking to see if he was awake when I came to bed.

Day 56 of 365 Days of Marriage

Saturday I woke up around 10am and got some cleaning done around the house before getting ready for my cousin Amy to get here! She is from my home town in Florida, but she’s actually in Ohio right now until April for an internship. Yesterday UK played UF in basketball (which is where she goes to school) so naturally we thought it’d be fun to watch the game together! We had given up hope of getting tickets earlier in the week but after she got here I realized how badly I wanted us to actually be able to go. So, we decided to go downtown and just see if we could come up with any- and we DID. We actually found 3 together for a decent price! We had such a great time and well, Kentucky won. But I’m pretty sure she still had fun. ;]

Amy took a picture of the three of us with her iphone at the game so I’m hoping I can swipe that picture from her for our 365 but if not: this one will have to do of all of us watching a movie after our yummy dinner at O’Charley’s! Or let me rephrase that: I’m watching a movie and they’re passed out. We were watching The Burbs. ;]

Day 57 of 365 Days of Marriage

Food: A Love/Hate Relationship

Right away I bet you’re thinking this is a post about weight loss or dieting. Wrong. This is a post about hating planning/shopping/cooking food but loving to EAT extremely yummy food. I’ve been feeling like a really horrible wife lately- seriously, I threw a pitty party last night and sobbed about it in the spinny-chair (thank you ridiculous hormones). The main reason? FOOD. I feel like if there is one thing I should be able to do well, it’s cook. And that’s just it - I can cook. I just suck at all of the stuff that comes before the actual cooking part. Like if my fridge and pantry magically stocked themselves full of the things I needed I’d be good to go- no problem! But I wont hold my breath that this will ever happen… I blame the Sims games for spoiling me. *open fridge, select recipe list, food magically appears- yes please*

Last night we literally had nothing but a fridge full of wasted leftovers and rotting vegetables and fruit that went bad because we opted to run through a drive through a few times instead of cooking. Tonight, we have a fully stocked kitchen. I’m feeling optimistic about the rest of the week and we have planned meals with ingredients. Let’s see how this goes!

On a happier note- I made us strawberry banana smoothies tonight and they were so yummy!

Day 53 of 365 Days of Marriage

Here we are checking out the empty and terrible fridge..

Day 54 of 365 Days of Marriage

And here Nate is holding some of our delicious produce up for a dirty gesture while we put away groceries. My face tells the story..

Fun In Bunny Town

So I mentioned a few posts back that Biscuit is sort of out of control. The thing about bunnies is simply this: if they get bored- they’ll go apeshit and ravage your house. And.. that’s exactly what Biscuit has been doing. I’ve felt like such a bad bunny-momma lately though because we’ve kept him in his cage a lot as it’s just too exhausting to chase him up and down the stairs to keep him from ripping the carpet out of the floor. But tonight I decided that I could fix it. First, I found a way to blockade the stairs with our couch cushions (lol) and a baby gate. Then, I went in the garage and found a few boxes and made them into houses. His main house is stuffed with old t-shirts and a pair of those leg warmer slipper things that I no longer wear. So far so good because he spent the entire night playing with all of his new “toys”. He did his little flips and jumps, chased me around the living room, and even played hide & seek with me!

Day 52 of 365 Days of Marriage


I feel accomplished that my Biscuit was entertained tonight and my house is completely intact. Make fun of me all you want. ;]

Ocean of Noise

I mentioned in a recent post that I bought wedges at Target on Friday night with Brittany. I had no intention of doing such a thing but then there we were in the shoe section: drooling. I found a few items of clothing as well and even a cute bunny ring that looked remarkably like Biscuit- but I used my will power and put those things back. No Stephanie, you don’t need this romper OR a bunny ring.. no. Unfortunately, I let myself get a little too close to the fire by trying on the wedges- rendering me powerless to their perfect fit and the fact that they went perfect with the outfit I had on at the time. Brittany found the most amazingly cute flats, too. We should’ve never set foot in Target.

The thing is: I’m a flats girl. I have a few pair of heels but I rarely wear them. It’s not that I can’t walk in them, on the contrary in fact. I love walking in heels because you basically have to walk with some sass in order to not fall over, ha! It’s just that I’m already 5’8″. Put me in a pair of high heels or wedges and now I’m nearly 6′ tall! Being so tall used to make me feel really awkward but now I really think I like it. I mean, just because I’m not petite doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy fabulous shoes, right? And models are tall aren’t they? I’m not sure what my issue with this was exactly.

| Dress: Forever 21 | Wedges/Ring/Necklace: Target | Tights: H&M |
| Belt: Charlotte Russe | Headband: Shii |

(View Full Size Photos Here)

I love this dress, too. Even though it’s a tad short! No bending over. But that’s another draw back to being tall and Forever 21 hasn’t quite caught on to the fact that we’re not all 5’5″ so dresses look quite similar to shirts for some of us! But that’s okay. I will continue to wear short dresses at this age in my life (on the weekends) and I will try to figure out what age exactly it will start being completely inappropriate. Ya’ll help me out with that one. I actually got this dress for free- BOGO! The zipper broke the first time I wore it though and I finally got it over to Nate’s Mom to fix it. So thankful she was able to put a new zipper in because I was really bummed about my one-time dress! What do you think of the pattern? I incorporated the brown in with the belt and the shoes instead of going all matchy-matchy and I think it worked really well!

So my advice- wear what you want! Short, tall- whatever! If you can rock it, do it. If people stare- they probably just think that you’re awesome (or freakishly tall but that’s fine too). Also? Mix patterns- dots/stripes! Go for it. Mix browns and blacks. Incorporate small pieces that tie in a color not in the outfit already and it will work flawlessly. Now go make new outfits with clothes that you never thought would go together! =)

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