Today’s Lesson Is:

Have you seen a cooler can opener? Please let me know if you have.. because part of my life aspirations include having the world’s coolest can opener.

(Don’t mind Nate yelling, “Woohoo FINAL FOUR!” in the background.)

Chipotle & Wine

Today was a wonderful Wednesday because it included three of my favorite things- you might’ve guessed what two of them are. ;] (one will always be Nate, of course.) He even agreed to give Chipotle a second try so I got to eat IN Chipotle for once - but alas, it’s just not his kind of food. I’m really thankful that he was willing to try it again though!

We’ve been pretty tired the last couple of days, and our photos are showing it. But hey- this is real life ya’ll! It’s not always that interesting. And real life is what I’m trying to capture, right? So I suppose I’m glad I’m able to portray it correctly.

Day 88 of 365 Days of Marriage

Day 89 of 365 Days of Marriage

And now we’re off to bed. As usual, Nate has passed out on the couch next to me. Who thinks I can carry him up the stairs? Now that would make a good 365 photo!

A Camera Lens and Careful Days

I thought I would debut my new favorite footwear- meet my new little black boots. I’ve been wearing them with everything and they came at just the right time because it’s been chilly again lately. It’s a pretty mild cold though- nothing wearing two pair of tights at once can’t handle. ;] I got these pretty little shoes for only $18! I’m so glad I waited out the season to buy boots- I just love deals like this!

If you want to listen to the song that inspired this title click here.

| Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Cardigan: NY & Co | Sequin Dress Worn As Top: Express |
| Boots: Decree at JCPenney | Necklace: Target |

Oh Monday.

Today was exhausting. But that’s alright. We had a yummy pot-luck at work which was definitely the highlight of my day. As far as I could tell, my pasta salad was a big hit! Most of it was gone when I snuck into the fridge to make myself another plate later in the afternoon. =)

When I got home Nate and I discussed our upcoming weekend plans for his birthday on Saturday and decided to dump ‘em. I have a hair appointment early in the morning and he’s playing golf with his Dad. The basketball game will be on later that night since UK is in the final four so we’ll be watching the game! I don’t usually get into basketball but I do really enjoy the tournament! It’s just fun and I like the intensity. It helps that our team has actually made it as far as they have- let’s just hope we win Saturday! I’ve kind of failed at creating fun birthday festivities this year, but I guess grown ups don’t need birthday parties anyway, right? If something comes together last minute then we can roll with it, but when I try to plan something it just never goes quite right. Ah well.

Day 87 of 365 Days of Marriage

Needless to say, we’re tired. I look like I’m completely in a daze. I can attribute that to a late bedtime last night.. and I’m going to make up for it tonight! In bed before 10:30PM? Yep!

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