Mar 03, 2011

In light of yesterday’s post I took a few outfit photos today! It was the weirdest thing because I took these this morning. As in, before work. I am usually out of bed at the last second with barely any time to spare- but I was up a little earlier than normal and when I picked out this outfit (which I’ve never worn together) I just couldn’t wait. I wanted the best light possible so I though early in the AM might be perfect and it was!

I decided on this particular dress because I styled it not too long ago and I wanted to throw in a little bit of a remix. It’s not insanely different but I feel that the last way I wore it was a bit more dressy and kind of Wintry, where as this feels a little more Springy to me! What do you think?

I’m obsessed with this pretty little bunny locket that Ashley got me for Christmas. Isn’t it just darling?! I’ve been meaning to put a picture of Biscuit in it because, I’m that crazy kind of Bunny Momma! But oh well, I love my Biscuit- don’t judge me.

Nate and I are going to “Trivia Night” tonight with Kristie at some local restaurant around here. Haha, very detailed- I know. I don’t really know much besides that though. I’m a little bit nervous to be honest! I know it will be fun but I don’t know how awesome I’m going to be at trivia questions. I guess it depends on what they’re about? I’ll be sure to let you all know if I make a fool of myself in public. ;] Either way I’m excited to see Kristie!

| Dress: NY&CO // Top: H&M // Tights: Aerie // Flats: Old Navy // Locket: Pac Sun |
| Pearl Earrings: Forever 21 // Bird Earrings: Betsy Johnson |

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Cute! Love the locket.


Stephanie Reply:

Thanks! :)


at 7:40 pm


You’re so effing adorable, it makes me sick. Come be my stylist. I look like a fourth grader everyday. BOO.


Stephanie Reply:

You’re too hard on yourself ma’am! Most of my work week is spent looking like a slob, seriously. Then I fool everyone with one nice outfit post. ;)


at 10:41 pm

Girl and Closet (Veronika)

Oh my goodness, these pictures are awesome. I adore doing pictures using all natural light, you look gorgeous. And that outfit? Totally adorbs. Hehe, I liked your clothing swap idea too fab lady, cause you’ve got some super cute clothes too. xx veronika


Stephanie Reply:

Thank you so much! I love natural light and I’m so freaking excited that the days are getting longer and I’ll have more of it to use! Yay! & ahh, clothing swapping is so fun! I’ve never had any sisters, so the few times I’ve done it with friends has been a treat.


at 1:00 am


Love the natural lighting in these photos… and your new header looks great!


at 6:49 pm


Feel free to grab my button for your site! Be sure to let me know so that I can visit you, too! =)