Backyard Frolic

Warm weather is filling my heart with so much joy. Although, this morning I walked outside to cooler temps (48 degrees) and felt an immediate chill and frustration (as I had forgotten to check the weather before getting dressed!) But then it occurred to me that not too long ago I would have squealed with happiness and ran outside in my bathing suit at the sight of 48 degrees!!! ;] It warmed up throughout the day though, and I think we’ll be back to our regular warmth in the upcoming days. I’m just so ready for full on Summer, and to say goodbye to so much rain and bad weather.

Nate’s car goes into the shop early tomorrow morning so we’re staying in tonight. Usually we would be headed to Trivia night soon, but I’ve been up earlier than normal the past two days and tomorrow is going to top them all. Six AM and I aren’t exactly friends! Eight AM and I barely speak, but we agree to get along. The up side?! We’re going to have a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel together before I go to work. My Husband really knows how to motivate me.

This outfit is one of my laid back comfy outfits for work- leggings and a super soft t-shirt. I have several of these t-shirts in other colors and they are just so, so comfortable. They have a really great “untucked” dress shirt cut on the bottom of them- it just adds a little something I think.

Green T-Shirt: American Eagle
Black Cardigan: Target
Leggings: H&M
Boots: JCPenney
Camera Necklace: Target (gift)
Leopard Heart Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Floral Purse: Aldo

Things To Work On

Hey there lovelies! I’ve been brain storming and thinking about all of the little things I want to work on- personal goals, surrounding the blog, Nate & I, our home, etc! Feel free to leave feedback. I welcome it, of course.

++The Blog & Social-Media
1. Comment more on other blogs.
2. Consistently comment on my top reads vs. thinking I have nothing to contribute or that the blogger gets so many comments already that mine wont matter.
3. Participate in Fill in the Blank Fridays
4. Do my first giveaway- any suggestions?
5. Purchase sponsorship from a favorite blogger to gain some readership- but which?
6. Start accepting sponsorship of my own after gaining at least 100 readers via Google Connect!
7. Look for and contact possible sponsors that I’d be interested in working with.
8. Ask permission of local business’ if I may take photos of their establishment and write about them on my blog.
9. Print Moo Cards to have on hand when inquiring if I may take photos of business’ or people.

++Personal Goals
0. Attend church every Sunday.
1. Become more organized.
2. Find an easy to maintain “work out” or a small activity I can start to do every day that I wont put off.
3. Work on putting my tattoo ideas into visual reality.
4. Maintain my friendships back home outside of Facebook - CALL PEOPLE.
5. Start a couponing system, know what coupons we have, what days are “double days” at the store, etc.
6. Open my cookbooks- cook for fun!
7. Pick up my guitar at least 3 times a week and use online tutorials. (Know of any?)

++Nate & I- Marriage and Fun
1. Take a trip once a month to new places in our home state (yes, like Tieka and her Husband). If, you know, gas ever stops going up.
2. Work on little home projects together.
3. Go out to breakfast before work.
4. Participate in a new activity together- dancing lessons, learning to play instruments together, planting a garden.

++In The Home
1. Print wedding photos for our scrapbook and album. Purchase album!
2. Buy large and small frames for downstairs wall collage.
3. Pick and print photos in those sizes.
4. Sand down upstairs dresser, paint a bright color, and attach new hardware.
5. Visit yard sales in search of some main furniture pieces we’re still lacking.
6. Pick paint color for focal TV wall and left entry wall downstairs. Or possibly a fun wallpaper for the entry wall that will tie into the focal wall!
7. Choose flowers for planting.
8. Plant my cilantro plant.
9. Figure out where we want to plant our garden.

Do you have lists similar to mine? I am crazy about making lists and love the feeling I get after I compile all of my thoughts into an organized system like this. Now- to execute! I’m already well on my way with some of these- just gotta keep it up! My next list? My packing list for Chicago! We leave on the 5th and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never even ridden in a Taxi, ya’ll. It’s serious like that. Small town girl meets big city, seriously. My eyes are going to be like that of a kid in a candy store. And after that? I can’t even wait to visit New York City. OH man. What I would give to attend one of the fashion blogger conferences there!

Beautifully Busy

This past end to the week and into the weekend was super busy- in a good way. It was Easter weekend after all, so it was to be expected! I’ve kept up with our 365 photos over on tumblr with the exception of yesterday, so I hope you all didn’t think we quit on you! :]

Day 111/365 Days of Marriage

Thursday we went out for Trivia Night, came home, and passed out. Obviously.

Day 112/365 Days of Marriage

Watching the radar and waiting on bad weather ..

Friday was a pretty laid back night filled with a layout change (make sure to click on over if you’re reading this in a feed!) and thunder storms. We actually got to watch a potential tornado pass right by us. Check out the stop motion I made of the pictures I snapped! (Yes- we were outside taking pictures while the people in the Steak & Shake just up the street were being forced to sit in the meat freezer). I guess we’re insane, but obviously you can see that it’s not close to us. Towards the middle you can actually see the clouds spinning downward in a circular motion.

Day 113 of 365 Days of Marriage

Saturday was lazy until mid-afternoon. Nate went to a UK Spring practice football game with Jackson and I enjoyed time on the couch. Nate called after the game and asked if I wanted to go grab some Mexican food at Mi Pequena Hacienda with Jackson, Kristie, and her sister Kara. So I flew around and got ready in about 15 minutes! We ended up hanging out well into the evening at a few different places downtown. It was definitely a good time!

Day 114 of 365 Days of Marriage

Biscuit & Freckles have their first family portrait together on a very fitting holiday!

Sunday was Easter and we had a great one. We went to the 9:15AM Easter service at my In-Law’s church, went back to their house, dyed eggs, and had a yummy lunch with the whole family. When we left there we ran errands (when we realized almost everything was open! Kind of annoying, but we needed things.. so. Hmm.) and then decided to go see a movie. We’d both been wanting to see The Conspirator, and I thought it was really good. Nate is big into history so he noticed a few inaccuracies that I would have never picked up on. I think I was probably able to enjoy it more because of that, so I’m glad I didn’t know every detail about the assassination of Lincoln!

Day 115 of 365 Days of Marriage

Examining the stains on Nate’s shirt.. because it never got washed after the last game! Ha.

Nate had a softball game on Monday night. They’re supposed to be on game four, but two have been rained out so far. We ended up getting there early on accident and then once everyone finally got there we found out that the power was out to our field, making it impossible to play for more than about 30 minutes. So that was a bit of a fail. Our friend Sully also locked his keys in his car, so we hung out with him until AAA came to help him out. We got home pretty late and it was straight to bed after a quick drive through dinner.

Day 116 of 365 Days of Marriage

And finally, today! Today was a sad day. I got a text late in the afternoon from Nate saying that he had been in an accident- he was okay, but the car.. not so much. Sigh. So this photo is of us looking at our one car in the garage- mine. It wasn’t his fault- a truck cut off the woman in front of him, slammed on their brakes causing the woman to slam on her brakes as well. She hit the truck, and Nate hit her. The guy who caused it all fled the scene. Ridiculous. The woman’s vehicle was okay- but Nate’s front end is completely totaled. So we’ll be sharing my car for a while. Working out our schedules should be super fun! Luckily, Brittany can take me to work.. but I’m not super excited to have to go in an hour earlier than I normally do. Ah well, I’m not complaining. I just think about something bad happening to Nate and I really don’t care about the car or the inconveniences at all.

Well, it’s finally time for bed. Here’s hoping we have a smoother rest of the week!

Strawberry Shortcake

This particular ensemble may have just moved to the top on my list of favorite outfits I’ve “styled”. I adore this romper, and while I’ve had it since last Spring- I’ve worn it pretty plainly until now! I will be honest and say that I didn’t get to wear this out of the house because it was a bit chilly and I didn’t realize it. As I look at it now, I’m thinking there might be specific events where it would be appropriate.. but I may not feel completely comfortable just wearing this, ya know, any ol’ place! I’m pretty confident in my outfit choices, so I trust my instincts on this one. Ha! But alas- dressing up is always half the fun of it for me and this was definitely almost a “play” dress up photoshoot!

Speaking of confidence - I really want to thank those of you who visit, take the time to comment, “hype” a photo on lookbook, etc. “Confident” is not a word that I (or anyone?) would have used to describe me in my teenage years. I’ve always been very quiet and more comfortable blending in. I started to break out of that a little once I started doing hair shows and modeling for Redken, but I remained fairly unsure of myself in social situations. I’m can still be quite shy when I first get to know someone (have a glass of wine ready and we can push past that quickly) but, this blog has really given me a sense of self. It may sound silly- it even does to me. But finding my own personal style and having the confidence to put an outfit together that stands out a little has put me outside of my box a bit. For once, I like standing out- I don’t care if someone is looking at me because I’m happy with me. I’m not saying that I NEED clothing to do this for me, but it was a step outside of my comfort zone and a step in the right direction. And you all are a big part of it. Running a blog and being able to express/document my life and all of the things that I’m passionate about is almost a therapy for me- and when you all comment and give feedback … well I guess it’s a bit like this photo (haha- I’m not even a big deal so maybe not..) but really, every single one of you makes my day.

Moving on: this romper was actually given to me by the sweetest lady at work. She is in her sixties and I think she might have every piece of clothing she ever owned in her twenties! I’ve received a few really awesome vintage items from her and for that I’m so grateful! The brown skirt in the last post was her’s as well. Generous people really warm my heart. <3

I think I’m going to write more about confidence in the future and what it means to me. I loved this entry where Elizabeth talks about different body types in the blogging world, and she’s so right. There really are women of every shape and size running fashion blogs and doing it beautifully. We (women- not just bloggers) all have such a reason and right to be confident in who we are and how we carry ourselves. And that doesn’t have to mean you’re vain or stuck on yourself- just be happy with you! I hope I (and you) will always remember that.

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