The Manic Panic Experiment

This was a pretty low-key experiment. It consisted of application, and sleep. Yeah, there weren’t a whole lot of steps in there. But when you dye your entire head with two different colors that you mixed yourself, having absolutely no previous hair dying experience (other than that time I practically dyed my hair gray .. and missed pieces of blonde.. and looked like a skunk) - it has the potential to end really badly. BUT- end badly, it did not!

I’m super lucky to have naturally blonde hair because I didn’t have to worry about bleaching my roots. I just spooned half of Manic Panic Vampire Red and half of Manic Panic Pillarbox Red into a mixing bowl, mixed it around with the brush, and slapped it on my head. I sectioned off my hair with clips and did the roots first. After I applied it all over my insane amount of hair, I put it into a clip, put a plastic shower cap around it, and went to bed!

I probably should have taken a picture of the bottom of my shower this morning. It basically looked like someone had been brutally murdered there. But other than a few towels and a tiny spot on my bathroom counter- that was the biggest mess I made. Pretty proud of that! Oh and all of the finger nails on my left hand are pink.. not sure why only my left hand?



  1. Jess says

    Wow, it looks great! And you are brave. last time I tried to dye my own hair red it turned completely pink!


  2. Mollie says

    Whoa, turned out fabulous! I have naturally blonde hair as well but I am waaaaaaaaaay too chicken to ever attempt something like that. Yay for fun hair colors though. :D



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