Full Circle: A Blog Birthday

Earlier this evening I realized that I missed my blog’s first birthday! How in the world, guys?! I’m asking two questions here. Obviously, how did I not remember my precious blog’s birthday? And the underlying question: How has it been an entire year? I know I’m always being super nostalgic like this, but seriously- blowing my mind right now.

(Photo from this post- exactly one year ago today! And Jackson’s birthday, of course!)

I decided to look back over a handful of posts from the first month or so that I had Take-Hart and wow, so many changes! For one, I’m a lot less whiny. Hey, I can admit that I was really whiny. For someone who just moved into a brand spankin’ new house, just got married in Florida to the love of her life, and just got back from a dream honeymoon in Hawaii- I surprisingly had a lot of frustrated emotions to share about trivial (normal) issues that felt a lot bigger than they actually were. I guess it’s all just a little bit silly to look back on considering what I know now. A lot of my problems were due to the changing of friendships and how Nate and I were “that married couple” now (OH THE DRAMA). I just have to laugh because we were so lonely (mostly me) and thought we had lost so many friendships, but everything was just so.. temporary. We have more friends than we know what to do with now- some new, most the same- and all of our relationships stronger than ever. Sometimes we actually have so many friend based plans over the weekends that I feel like I just need a weekend off to get some rest!

It’s just a small reminder for me (because I can be a worry-wart!) to let things roll off my back in times of crisis- regardless of whether it’s a real crisis or you know, a Stephanie fabricated crisis. A person can waste a lot of time being upset about things they can’t change. I suppose sometimes it takes a true hardship to remind you what’s really worth fully investing yourself in and what should just be let go of to eventually work itself out!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve grown so much this year and I’m so happy that Take-Hart has been with me every step of the way. I’m gearing up to celebrate my 24th birthday in August, and I’ve achieved and continue to achieve so many personal goals in all different aspects of my life- but especially within this little internet space! I hope you will all remember to believe in the things you want to do- no matter how big or small- and to not sweat the small stuff!

Happy First Birthday, Take-Hart.com! What a fabulous first year together. <3

Shop Ruche - Look Book Love

Let me start by saying that I swoon over every. single. look book that Shop Ruche puts out- and well, this one is no different. Their “Late Summer” look book check out the look book in it’s entirety if you haven’t already. Here a few of my favorite looks, but I could hardly pick.

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Pieces of The Days: Weekend Edition

I love these fun little iPhone photo dumps, and I hope you all do too. But I really, really want to get back in the swing of things with my Nikon. I’d love so much to get a new lens for it and really start documenting life the way I used to, but even better. I miss it, and I feel an emptiness there. I don’t feel like I’ve really captured the Summer the way I intended to. I still have some time left though! We have so many amazing locations right here around our neighborhood - I need to show you! Until then.. iPhone dump. ;]

Friday- this is my “Please don’t make me go to work” face.

Reminders at work, that even the worst situations can turn around if you believe!

I may not have her at work with me, but we still keep our awesome conversations going. <3

Friday is almost over! I can do this!

Saturday morning Brown Sugar & Cinnamon toast goodness.

Spent my Saturday with Ashley at the mall. It was lovely.. UNTIL THIS HAPPENED. (and we were so excited to hang out that we completely forgot to take any pictures. We looked good, too. Tragic.)

Sunday. I felt like this was such a Florida outfit. I miss my beach!

Green bean snappin’ after a delicious lunch at the In-Law’s!

Sunday naps are the best.

Why hang up the laundry when this handy rail is here? Lazy Sunday..

Mondays are better with pickles..

…and good music.

A Quick Little Vote?

I don’t enter a ton of contests, but I ran across this one and thought- why not? I’ve submitted two photos to American Eagle’s BestShot contest, and I hope that you will take just a moment to vote for each! Just click the link, and click vote- there’s nothin’ to it. Thanks beautiful readers. You guys rock!

Most Likely Rock Star - VOTE HERE

Coolest Hipster - VOTE HERE

(PS: The colors appear muted in the actual entries, which makes me a bit sad.)

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