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Let me start by saying that I swoon over every. single. look book that Shop Ruche puts out- and well, this one is no different. Their “Late Summer” look book Summer Resort makes me want to purchase every single item that was styled, hop on a 9 hour flight to Hawaii, and live out my life swinging in hammocks and lounging by crystal waters while consuming juicy popsicles (made of fresh pineapple). I think a fresh pineapple popsicle sounds delicious.. and I bet I could get one somewhere in Hawaii. Anyway, you really need to check out the look book in it’s entirety if you haven’t already. Here a few of my favorite looks, but I could hardly pick.

Click Here To Shop The Summer Resort Looks!

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    Wow, those clothes are gorgeous! I know this is a far shot but since you are into fashion- do you happen to know of any places Torrid & Old Navy aside that sell nice plus size clothes? You are always so stylish. Thanks!


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    I try not to online window shop too often, but in this case I couldn't resist…I've got a Hawaii vacation in the fall, and it's taking all my willpower not to buy every single flow-y, feminine dress for the trip!


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