Oh Little Town.. Here I Come!

To say that I can’t believe that I will have been in Florida and my hometown for almost two entire days this time next week, is a complete understatement. I haven’t been back since December of 2009, and I can’t even remember the last time I ventured back without Nate. We haven’t really spent more than a day or so apart since we’ve been married- so this will be pretty weird! I know I’ll be so happy to visit with my parents that I won’t think about it at first, but by the time the 11th rolls around I know I’ll be so excited to see him – even if I am sobbing over leaving my Mom. ;]

I get super emotional over the whole flying bit. During the flight I spend my time listening to music that fits my deep and emotional mood while I contemplate how small we are and how overwhelming it is to wake up in one place and fall asleep 875 miles from there. Yes- really. Every time. (Emmy and I are the same person- I just don’t know how to write amazing poems about my feelings.)

I will spend the entire trip feeling like I’m a teenager again, because being back in that town makes me nostalgic like no other. I always have to visit my old place of employment to see all of my favorite bosses, and they always ask me when I’m coming back because man, I was just so talented at my Bob Evans hostessing/waitressing job that no one could ever replace me! ;] I will pour over all of the things in my old room (that are right where I left them) and my Mom and I will walk around the mall that we used to go to in the Summer just to be in the air conditioning when I was 5 or 6 and we didn’t have any of our own! The same mall that I spent pretty much all of my teenage life at- if I wasn’t hanging out with friends at Wal Mart or in the Taco Bell parking lot (yeah guys, it’s a small town!)


I’m super excited to hang out with my girlfriends on that Wednesday night- we’ve planned to meet up at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and .99 margarita night. (I know right?!) That should be pretty amazing considering I haven’t seen most of them since my wedding, a few in about two years, and a friend that I haven’t seen since I was about 15 or 16 may actually be coming. WOO.


I’m planning to do a lot of documentation while I’m down there! I want to show you guys where I’m from and what I love about the town. I’ve never really talked about it on the blog, but I think it’s time! When I tell people where in Florida I’m from they’re just like, “Oh yeah! … where is that?” and if just a handful of you can say that you know where this little town is- I will have done my job. ;] Small towns really do have the best charm- local restaurants, historic down town areas, haunted hotels, and in this case- a race track! I can’t wait to show you around!

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    I am also from a small town, and my friends and I totally used to hang out in the Taco Bell parking lot! (yes, THE Taco Bell parking lot, as in, the only Taco Bell in town!) We'd get cheap tacos at 9pm and eat them sitting on the hoods of our cars. Some of my best memories. :)


  2. says

    Aw, you are sweet. Thank you! <3333

    And yes, if I were returning to my hometown after years of being away, I would be writing TONS of blogs and reflections and poems. Have a great trip, sweetie!


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