October Sponsorship Call

October is going to be one for the books here at Take-Hart! I’ve been having more fun than ever with this little blog space, and the reason? You! I have more readers now than ever before and I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. I would keep doing this if, well, no one read it all. But, I’d be a liar if I said it wasn’t fun to have your opinions and comments to read!

October Highlights: Being featured on one of my favorite style blogs (oh I can’t wait to share!), participating in a mini Kentucky gals blogger meet-up this weekend (so many fun pictures!), continuing on with our 365 Days of Marriage project (we got a little off track!), participating in a few Halloween themed featured posts for sponsors, the introduction of a new feature centered around music, and much more!

I have a handful of lovely sponsors ready to go, but thought I’d let you all know that there are still some available spots! Check out the sponsorship information here or just shoot me an email and we’ll chat!

Pink & Plaid.. and A Tip!

Today has been such a good day. Nate and I went over to his parent’s house for a yummy lunch, we strolled through the mall for a few minutes, and then headed to the movies to see a matinee of the Lion King in 3D. We enjoyed the movie so much. I’ve only seen one other 3D movie (Toy Story 3), but so far this is my favorite. I would say it has a lot to do with this movie being more of a childhood memory than a movie! We headed over to the grocery to pick up a few items for the week and came home. I desperately need to tidy up a bit for the start of a new week.. but so far I’ve only managed to take a few outfit photos. This took unexpectedly long because it required some clean up! Um.. yeah.

I decided to head out on location for some new scenery. I’m kind of lame in that I don’t like traipsing around by myself with all of my camera gear. If someone is with me it can still be awkward but I’m not fumbling around like an idiot quite as much. But, I decided I couldn’t take one more photo in my backyard and Nate was too tired to go along. I didn’t want to actually drive any where .. so I took a walk. I ended up in this undeveloped field in my neighborhood and thankfully I didn’t encounter too many people driving by and staring while I carried my tripod down the road. ;]

This face is the face of a person who realizes that she’s in deep- literally. I was sinking and trying to walk around and not stand in one spot wasn’t helping. I snapped a few pictures and got outta there!

So my tip to all of you fashionable ladies running blogs and snapping pictures of yourself: choose your location wisely, haha. If it looks like it might be squishy- it probably is! I tested the area out, and where I set up my tripod was fine, but once I got a ways back into the field it was no bueno! I spent 30 minutes or so sitting outside scrubbing my shoes. That mud was like cement!

Outfit Details
Dress: New York & Co
Button Up: Thrifted
Bicycle Necklace: Vintage: Mom’s jewelry
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Tights: H&M
Wedges: Target

What’s Working?

I think I’m going to start a new weekly feature called “What’s Working?”. This will be my weekly list of things that are and are not working for me during that week- and it could be anything. I’ve been wanting to come up with a simple way to share more details about our lives even though I work a lot and am too exhausted to write a ton of lengthy posts after work. I think this will get the job done, and also give me good way to keep track of what’s working for me and what could use a little bit of change! I’m already full of thoughts for this week, so I will do a middle of the week post to kick this off!

Things That Are Workin’ For Me This Week:

1. Thrifting.

Last weekend I hit a gold mine when Brittany and I went thrifiting. Actually, I think it may have just had a lot to do with my frame of mind. I’ve gone in to our Peddlers Mall several times and seen plenty that I wanted, but I never had a vision. This time, I went with purpose- to find key pieces for my home. I found a dress, a table, a gorgeous old vintage window, and two other decorative photo/art lovelies not pictured! (The dress was not a key piece but it was $6!) The window will be the main focal point of our living room when I’m done with it.. ah, I can’t wait! It’s already sanded down and ready for painting/distressing!

2. Red Wine.

Yes, yes. I adore a glass of red wine after work. In the summer I was a big fan of chilled and fruity wines. Now that Fall is here, I’ve fallen back in love with my favorite smoky Pinot Noir by Mark West. Ah, it’s love.

3. Bath & Body Works Candles//Walflowers

If you haven’t been in to check out their Fall scents, I urge you to go now! I am obsessed with smells. The one thing I knew about my home years and years before I could even think of having one was that it was going to smell amazing- all of the time. Bath & Body truly made my dream come true, hah. Fireside is my favorite smell for the Fall season, and I’m also pretty fond of my Apple Crumb Cake wallflower. Mmmmm.

Things That Are Not Working For Me This Week:

1. Our finances.

We are fine, don’t get me wrong- but we could stand to do a little better in this department. Over the course of our first year of marriage I’ve kind of just quit paying attention to where our money goes, and well… I don’t think it’s very fair of me to do that to Nate. It’s not his responsibility to tell me no when I want to spend money, and it’s not fair to me that I don’t really know how much we have before he makes a decision regarding it either. We need to be a team and to keep complete track of every. single. cent. I’m excited for this change.

2. Spider Invasion.

I know, it’s Fall. The weather is changing, getting cooler, and the spiders are seeking shelter. Well my house is not a place of refuge- it is the slaughter house. I wish I could post up a little sign that they could read and it would just simply say- “Enter and be screamed at by a woman who appears to be having a seizure .. and then eventually be murdered.” It’s brutal, I know. I have the kind of arachniphobia (I’m not actually sure if that’s the right spelling but I’m afraid to google it ..) that goes beyond being scared. Like, I can’t see a spider on TV without screaming- you with me here? So when a big hairy spider fell on my head this morning when I walked out of my back door.. well.. luckily I didn’t realize what had happened until it fell off and I saw it on the ground. I had to kill it, and then I had goosebumps for the next 4 hours. I couldn’t park my car in our garage last year because they took over.. and I’m not doing this again.

3. Mornings.

Going to work early is the bane of my existence, and by early I mean being there by 8-8:30am. A lot of you are probably shaking your head at me like I’m being ridiculous, but waking up has always been such a serious task for me. I will reset my alarm 5 times for JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES, and JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES, and JUST 3 MORE MINUTES. Three more minutes? Really? Yes, really. I have set my alarm for 3 more minutes. I will do this from 6:30-8:30am if I’m feeling particularly tired (read: Monaday and Tuesday). I could have just slept a solid two more hours right? But apparently I’d rather pretend that I’m going to get up and sleep in 5 and 3 minute increments. Ideally I would wake up before Nate (5:20AM .. heh), come down stairs, make a small breakfast, eat, talk with him for a few minutes, he would leave, and I would get ready. At this point I would be ready a little early with time to work on the blog before heading off to work, still early. I would also like to switch it up and work out a bit one morning, and work on the blog the next morning. Do I ever envision this happening? Eh.. but I’m posting it here in hopes of working on it to a small point! I just need to get set on a certain time and consistently wake up at that time each morning.. but it’s so hard!

Feel free to steal this little idea and post your list of things that are and are not working for you this week! =) If you’ve been waiting on an email back from me or are you’ve tagged me in a post: I haven’t forgotten you! I’m playing catch up this weekend.

Learning To Sew: Part 1

When I went home to Florida a few weeks ago my mom asked me to make a list of all of the things that I wanted to do while I was there for the week. I eagerly told her that I wanted to learn to sew, I wanted to make a dress!! I wrote it down at the top of the list and got super excited. You see, my mom grew up sewing. She sewed her own designs as a teenager, a lot of my clothes when I was little, and all of my one of a kind award winning Halloween costumes! But of course, I was way too cool to be interested in learning to sew (or cook) when I was younger. My poor mom tried but I was just way too busy being a computer nerd. Boy do I regret that now! Any way, it made for a fun little craft that we could do together while I was there. Unfortunately, we only got to actually start sewing the jacket that went with the dress and we didn’t even finish that! But you know, it will be a continuous project whenever we visit back and forth. ;]

My mom has had this pin cushion my entire life. I rearranged the pins like this when I was 7 or 8, I think! She’s never moved them, haha.

Hello dress from previous outfit post! There were no tights paired with this in Florida!

Dress material..

My pretty Belle Cat, observing.

In part dos, I will show you the progress that we made on the jacket. We came so close to finishing it! I had so much fun working on this with my mom. Can’t wait until we can do it again. (= I definitely am coveting a sewing machine now that I understand the basics. I have so many things I want to make and I would love to be able to share my sewing adventures in this little space! Hopefully in the near future!

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