Autumn Today, Gone Tomorrow.

October is almost over friends. I feel like I had such a long list of quirky little things/trips that I wanted to do with Nate during this month and we did…. NONE of them. Fail. But I’m okay with it. Maybe we can carve a pumpkin in November? For.. Thanksgiving? ;] I’ve already moved on to my “traditions I want to start” list for the next two holidays. I actually kind of want to put my Christmas tree up now, like a total crazy person. But I know that we still have some time left here in the gorgeous colors and crisp air of Fall. Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to run to the next fun adventure and forget to live in the present. It’s just so easy to do! But, being painfully aware of time lately has reminded me that it’s fleeting and that we should appreciate every second of every day.

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Outfit Details
Top: Express
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Blowfish Shoes
Cardigan: Francesca’s Collections
Tights: Express
Headband Forever21
Necklace: Gift

A Real Life Update

My entire website used to be more journal-like than it is today. I prefer the way I run this blog now. It has more of a structured purpose and it’s kind of like my safe-haven of mostly happy thoughts and pretty pictures. It’s my collection of marriage memories and some of my favorite things and hobbies. I love that about this place.

Sometimes my blogs are pretty minimal though and without many details. So today I would like to just free-write a little about what’s been going on in my world.

Let’s start with marriage and bunny parenting. Ah, marriage. Things are great. I just can’t believe that we’re already heading into November! Where is the time going? Sometimes I really feel like it’s just flying away and I don’t have time to do the things I want and need to do! I suppose work ties into that because I’m there a lot more now. Working on the blog isn’t always as easy and I feel like I’m choosing a lot between Nate, chores, and the blog. Don’t get me wrong- I like to clean and work on my house, but I spend most of my time not at work just trying to make sure things are organized and well, not disgusting. Ha! Trying to find time to run out and take pictures is difficult and that’s hard for me because this is something I really love. I think a lot of it boils down to time management and even though I feel like I’m doing better- I still don’t think that I’m using my time effectively. It can feel pretty frustrating. I just don’t feel like I’m keeping up. As far as bunnies go- they’re still cute as ever. However, they’ve definitely outgrown their cages and we don’t have the combined 8 hours a day to let each one play separately for 4 hours. We need to build both of them their own much larger cages. It’s one of those things we keep saying that we’re going to do but keep putting off. There’s a bunch of stuff on that list!

For those of you who have asked, my father in law is doing well with his chemo treatments and my cousin Garrett is still in a coma. These two things weigh on my heart daily. All I can do is pray for each situation, and I’d appreciate your prayers and thoughts as well. It’s just so tough not knowing the future sometimes.. most of the time I suppose.

In happier news, I’m hoping to be put into a new position at work soon. If It happens I really think I’ll feel so much better about my job. I just feel like I should be doing something computer related and this seems like something that would be fulfilling for me. Keeping my fingers crossed! Well, I think I will run upstairs and take a shower. It’s 4pm and I’m still hanging out in my pjs, even though I planned a very extensive list of chores to do today. (There’s that poor time management, again!) I sort of have an excuse though as my MacBook Pro needed desperate attention and cleaning of it’s HD. I could hardly do anything on it- no good!

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Forest of Leaves

Nate and I planned to go to the pumpkin patch today but it just wasn’t the weather that I was hoping for. An insanely windy 80 degrees is just not what I envisioned for my first time at a pumpkin patch! It’s supposed to be all crisp cool weather, hot apple cider, bundled layers, and hayride cuddles. Right? I guess we could have gone anyway, but I loathe wind… no seriously. I hate wind. I have a lot of hair and it gets in my face and makes me crazy. I could just see myself trying to pick out pumpkins whilst being half blinded my by hair and annoyed that it was hot outside. I sound like the prissiest little priss right now don’t I? If these are the extent of my woes today I suppose I can count myself a pretty blessed lady! So anyway, we had a delicious lunch over at my In-Law’s house and afterward we decided to stop off at a park since I happened to have all of my camera gear with me. Not a pumpkin patch, but still a fun new scene!

Creepy-me is creeping. Halloween inspired creepiness.

The neckline on this vintage dress is so sweet. I love the white square collar with with the three little matching buttons. I happened upon it when Brittany and I went thrifting a little while back and I knew I had to have it. I mean for six dollars, how could I leave such a pretty dress there? I’m such a bargain shopper and a $6 dress literally gave me such a shopping high. ;]

These boots and these tights were made for each other. This is actually two pair of tights together- but I ripped the mustard tights so the lace overlay hid the rip. Tada! I love, love, love the heel on these boots. I’ve been wanting a new pair of black boots for a long time, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted something flat and comfy with possibly some added warmth OR if I wanted a bit of a heel with more style and flair. Well guess what? I didn’t have to chose between any of those things. Blowfish managed to create shoes with a heel that don’t kill your feet, but they’ve done it over and over. I love these most because I feel like I can dress them way up and also wear them super casually.

This has been an overall pretty good weekend. You’ll hear more about it in tomorrow’s 365 round up! I’ve let a few days go by again without posting! But sometimes it’s just easier that way. I hope you all have a great end to your weekend- I’m currently laid up on the couch breathing out of my mouth. My allergies came full force today and I’ve literally been sitting on the couch since the early afternoon! Goodnight friends!

Outfit Details
Dress: Vintage/Thrifted
Boots: Blowfish Shoes
Cardigan: Francesca’s Collections
Tights: Mustard/GAP & Back Lace/Target
Headband & Earrings: Forever21

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