Oct 13, 2011

Hi there friends. Nate and I have been faithfully taking our 365 photos, of course, but I haven’t been getting around to uploading them quite as faithfully! Oops! So now you just get a handful all at once. =) Hope you don’t mind!

Day 169 of 365 Days of Marriage

Friday was a much better day than Thursday. I still wasn’t feeling fabulous but I went back to work and got through the day. Nate and I curled up on the couch to watch V For Vendetta (it was on TV) and I snapped this picture during the movie. A word about that movie? I don’t like it. I understand the need for the details but I don’t like V and his creepy mask, I don’t like seeing Natalie Portman’s shaved head, and I don’t like the weird and creepy romance between the two of them. I know someone will tell me that I’m missing the point but I just don’t like it. Ha.

Day 170 of 365 Days of Marriage

This was not our intended 365 photo, however- Saturday was crazy and one of my typical in-car photos had to stand in. *cringe* I hate this because I’m trying to be really creative and make a serious effort with our 365. We were on our way out of town to visit my Sister-In-Law for our nephew’s 4th birthday when I took this. I was being a crazy camera lady and trying to take pictures of the gorgeous Autumn scenery, from the moving car, and then getting angry that they weren’t turning out amazing. I do this on almost every trip we take that lasts longer than 30 minutes (try to take photos from the moving vehicle expecting magical results). We spent the day in Somerset, came home, and ended up over at Jackson and Kristie’s for a nice evening by the fire. Good Saturday overall, minus the terrible UK football beatdown.

Day 171 of 365 Days of Marriage

Sunday was spent mostly at home with Nate checking on me periodically later in the evening.. as I whined from the couch. I started feeling sore throat/fever sick so we just stuck around the house all day. We decided to clean out the garage and finally drug all of the giant boxes we’ve been collecting over to the dumpster on the street behind our house. When I sprayed for bugs a few weeks back I did spray in the garage, but I just sprayed around/over all of the crap lining the walls- shoes, tools, boxes, CRAP. This method worked a little, but not entirely! We didn’t see any spiders for a good long while and then BAM, the biggest one I’ve seen yet came running across the carpet Thursday or Friday night. Up until then I was scared of them but I would kill them or at lesat attempt to- I could look at the spiders that had come into our house thus far- NOT THAT ONE. I almost passed out on sight. I knew it was because I half-assed the spray job on the garage, so we got out there and went to work! We cleaned, threw away, swept, and found a few more mutant spider friends that nearly gave me heart attacks, and I sprayed that garage so well that no bug will ever set foot in it again. (until it’s time to spray again..) I stayed outside all evening cleaning out my car as well.. when I’m cleaning I forget that I feel awful.

Day 172 of 365 Days of Marriage

Monday was lame. I felt sick but I went to work. Nate and I engaged in our nightly ritual of watching TV while he lays his head in my lap. The only good thing about that day? I had Chipotle for dinner!

Day 173 of 365 Days of Marriage

After I got home from work Tuesday night we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings as a sort of last hoorah to our terrible spending habits. We don’t buy a lot of stuff, but we like our food. We just so enjoy going out and having a relaxing dinner, and it can seem kind of minimal- but it sure adds up! So after we got home we discussed the budget while cuddling on the couch.

Day 174 of 365 Days of Marriage

Today was pretty good day. My work day went quickly and we enjoyed dinner with Nate’s family over at his parents house. His dad was out of town on a business trip so we hung out with his mom, sister, and our nephew and nieces. Too much yummy food was had so we came home and worked it off! Nate ran 7 miles .. and I.. put 30 minutes in on the Wii Fit. Don’t judge me!!! But no really, I’m trying to do little things to start off. I know that I have no desire to run like Nate does, but I want to start working out again regularly and just doing simple exercises that I can do at home to start.

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words cannot express how happy i am to have found someone else who does not like V for Vendetta! Everytime i talk about how I don't like it, i seem to get a lecture from a pretentious movie snob. Haha!!


at 12:30 am


V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies! I could see where the mask would get annoying, but I think it's a little better to look at than Hugo Weaving himself…

This really helped me start working out at home: go to Target or Walmart and pick up a pair of 3 lb dumbbells and Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred." Altogether that should cost you around $20, the workouts are only about 30 minutes long (if I remember correctly), and I've heard of tons of people getting great results. A few things you should know if you decide to try it: Jillian gets a little annoying; she says to do it every day, which just sets you up for major soreness, every other day is a better idea; and you will definitely be sore after the first time, but it gets better! :)


at 12:06 pm


Love the last picture! So cute and romantic and sexy!!!


at 7:32 pm


love the last photo and I agree about doing the 30 day shred. I started it for a while and then kinda got side tracked, but ive seen some before and after photos and they are pretty encouraging. starting out slow is good. I'm trying to teach myself how to run on the treadmill so I got a running app. It totally kicks my ass lol


at 10:58 pm


I love the day 174 picture! It's so creative and adorable. And this is such a good idea; I might have to borrow it whenever I get married.
And hey, exercise is exercise. And the Wii is more fun, so why not? :)


at 3:32 pm


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