Yellow Stripe Autumn

This gorgeous yellow stripe cardigan is one of my favorite items in my Fall wardrobe. My BFF Ashley gave me a gift card to one of our favorite stores, Francesca’s Collections, for my birthday and I paired it with a little bit more birthday money and bought the cardigan and a cute dress to match. I adore Francesca’s but I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes, and my money doesn’t stretch very far in that store. So buying an entire outfit from there was such a treat! This cardigan is soft, stretchy, and has huge pockets. It’s just so, so perfect for both dressy and casual occasions- and mustard yellow is my color. I just love it.

I’ve had this dress for a couple of years. I bought it from New York & Company when I worked there, along with quite a few favorite items that are still in my closet. It’s interesting to me because even though that store is a bit pricey (for me) and I don’t really shop there anymore, their clothes last. I really, really miss having my amazing discount paired with the knowledge of what has ended up sitting in the back for so long that it now rings up for $4 in the register. Working in retail has it’s perks. I mean, $50 jeans for $4? I miss that a lot. I wish I had a random day of the week that I didn’t work that I could just dedicate to working in a clothing store for money that went towards the discounted clothes… but not on the weekend when people are crazy. And not during the Holiday season. Working at Aeropostale on Black Friday took a bit of my soul from me that I’ll never get back. ;]

Outfit Details
Dress: New York & Co
Cardigan: Francesca’s Collections
Bag: Olsenboye from JcPenney
Bicycle Necklace: Vintage: Mom’s jewelry
Tights: Old Navy
Flats: Target
Headband/Earrings: Forever21



  1. iSaraBell says

    I love everything about this outfit! Would you like my address or would you prefer I come pick it up from you?


  2. Maria says

    Love your cardigan and bag, these photos are so well put together too. And things like $4 jeans?! Jealous! I would work in a clothes shop in a moments notice for a discount like that ;)




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