Pieces Of The Days: Oct & Nov Part 1

I haven’t done an iPhone dump in a while, so I thought I’d let those of you who don’t join in daily on Instagram (my username is take_hart, by the way!) see some behind the scenes action! I know that you can hardly contain yourselves! ;]

01; Butterfly found on a walk.
02; Featured on The Delightful Dozen blog!
03; Fall along the interstate.
04; My sweet new baby nephew.

05; through 08; - nature’s beauty all around us!

09; A sweet baby Biscuit bunny with his playhouse.
10; Froyo with Brittany!
11; Forest of Leaves- behind the scenes.
12; Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale

13; Kristie’s pretty Fall decor.
14; Homemade baked ziti for dinner.
15; Crocheting project fun.
16; Getting ready for the day!

17; Leaves & Times-A-Changin’- behind the scenes.
18; The most amazing snack EVER.
19; The most amazing sweet tea EVER.
20; A snap of my favorite part of the map in our living room!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and feel free to browse back a bit to see what we’ve been up to in the previous months. Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Lovely Tunes Tuesday V-3

I’m going to go with a slightly different approach to Lovely Tunes Tuesday tonight and only post one song that I’m currently loving. I’m not sure what it is about this band, this one too. See how hard it is for me to only post one song? I have a problem.

Nate just fell asleep with his head on my lap, so I think I will drag him up the stairs to bed now. Have a great night!

Deck The Halls

I got a slightly earlier than usual start on putting up my Christmas decorations this year, but not by much! Some of the people in our neighborhood have had their trees up since the beginning of November, so I didn’t feel too crazy just switching out my Fall decorations for a few pretty light up Christmas houses a week before Thanksgiving! Nate and I put our tree up and finished completely decorating on Friday. I just love cozying up on the couch and watching TV by the light of the tree and all of the other lit up decor! Our house has a very open floor plan, so we’re able to really enjoy all of the decorations that would normally be closed off in individual rooms! I love that.

The kitchen is probably my favorite area other than the tree because of the the pretty glow of the lighted garland above the cabinets. My second favorite is our huge wreath that hangs upstairs in the foyer window. A TIP for hanging: if you’re using suction cups to hang something like this on a window- spray hair spray on the suction cups before sticking them! That baby is heavy, and it stays put all thanks to hairspray.

If you feel like you recognize our Christmas decorations- you probably do. All of the peacock decor was used in our wedding. I love being able to take our wedding decorations and use them in our home. After Christmas is over I take the little sparkly berry twigs off of the tree and put them in a vase as a wintry decoration. I keep with the blues and purples until the end of the season.

Biscuit is very excited about the holidays, as you can tell. Just look at the look on his face! He hides in his litterbox when I take pictures of him. I think he’s camera shy. The little advent calendar hanging on the wall was made by my mother in law. We went and picked out the fabric and then she whipped it up in no time. I love it.

Freckles isn’t a Christmas decoration, obviously.. but Biscuit made an appearance so I thought we should include baby Freckles too! Unfortunately he wont just hang back and let you take his picture like Biscuit, so you get a very up close look at his cute little nose! You’re welcome.

Today I Just Kept Wishing..

Today was the kind of day where you think constantly about where you’d rather be other than work. And so this is what I thought about all day long..

I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful honeymoon. I’d really like an ‘escape to Hawaii’ button at my work desk. I should work on getting that installed…

Hope your Monday was great! Xo.

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