Inspiration Wednesday

I want to share some thing that have brightened my week! Check out this little compilation of happiness. =)

1 This sweet little blog. I’ve been a reader for a while and I always feel like I’m reading a well kept secret! She’s just adorable!

2. This perfect DIY collar tutorial.

3. This grocery store sale guide.

4. These gorgeous photos of a favorite fellow blogger. Her style amazes me!

5. This reminder that I need to quit looking in stores for tights and order online! (Those red tights are perfect for the season!)

6. This beyond fabulous giveaway. If I win, I will literally faint. *crosses fingers*

7. This precious owl tea set!

8. This kind of honesty in the blogging world. I feel the same way, and I’ve tried to put myself out there a little more lately, but for the most part I think I will stick to more structured content.

9. This fun little embroidery hoop idea!

10. These handy photoshop actions! Like Instagram? Well these are perfect for you!

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