Christmas Elephants!

I decided to not be my typical self for Christmas this year: I didn’t find a way to incorporate green and red into an outfit. I KNOW- who am I?! Instead, I decided to focus on the red and mix in a dress that I got for my birthday back in August from Francesca’s Collections. It has elephants on it. In my favorite color. Mustard elephants. What else is there, guys? (Answer: kitties and bunnies - I really need to get my hands on those prints as well!) I’m pretty crazy about dresses like these because they’re so easily worn in all seasons just by adding a few layers, a pair of tights, and boots! My Father In Law asked, “Are those …elephants?” and I said, “Yes, they’re Christmas elephants!” ..because I’m so very clever and quick on my feet. ;] Obviously.

I’ve been working on my year in review post for 2011 all evening. For some reason these types of posts just take a ridiculous amount of time no matter how simple I try to make it on myself. I’ve been combing through posts and photos, tilting my head to the side, and asking, “What else happened in January??? Hmmmmm…” Nothing like this is ever simply put together for me, EVER. I’m such an over-thinker. I promise it will go up between tomorrow and over the weekend. I didn’t want to leave you all hanging though, so I hope a new outfit post will do until then. =) Also? Shoot me an email about sponsorship for January if you’re interested!! I have new and updated rates, but I haven’t found a moment to update the info here on the blog just yet. Well, I’ve fallen asleep a few times while trying to write this so I think it’s time for bed! =) Have a wonderful Friday!

PS: What’d you wear for your Christmas festivities? I’d love to see!

Outfit Details
Elephant Dress: Francesca’s Collections
Rosebud Earrings Forever21
Tights/Long Sleeve Shirt/Necklace: Target
Red Bow Belt: Had for years, unsure.
Boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes

Merry Christmas!!

This was actually taken on Christmas Eve- before I had really scary looking pink-eye! Merry Christmas to my poor eyeball! =(

This has been an amazing Christmas my friends. I feel so blessed and full of gratitude after spending such a wonderful day with loved ones. To have my parents here would have made it perfect. Between the presents they sent, the presents that Nate got me, and the presents that my in-law’s had for me- I feel like the most spoiled girl in the world! I actually made a little section in my closet for new clothes and scarves so that I can see them all together! That’s a sign of a pretty fabulous Christmas if I ever I heard of one! It’s funny because everyone knows my style so well now that I think certain things just jump out at them and say my name. There is not one thing that I received that didn’t warrant some kind of jumping up and down. It wasn’t all clothes, though! I can’t wait to do a little recap of my gifts. I am so, so thankful for my husband and his sweet, caring personality. You don’t even known. He just amazes me with how well he knows me. I mean, how many husbands purchase a dress for you from your favorite online retailer without any hint or help? =) I just love him. I feel like I did a pretty great job on his presents too- for maybe the first time ever! ;]

Of course, all of the gift giving is nice but it’s certainly not the reason we (personally) celebrate Christmas. For us, today is the celebration of the birth of our Risen Savior, Jesus. Our church’s Christmas sermon this morning was a really great reminder that God is with us during the most impossible of times. It was kind of perfect, because I think Nate and I (and his family) feel like we’re facing hardships that feel quite impossible right now (cancer). But, there’s no doubt that we’ve grown stronger and been made more aware and thankful for our time together because of these hardships. It’s easy to take things for granted when nothing is threatening to take them away from you.

I hope you spent your Christmas being thankful for the people and things that you have right now, no matter what you’re facing. I can say very honestly that we certainly did! And now- it’s off to bed. We (the adults) ended up scootering around the neighborhood on the kids’ new razor scooters all afternoon and I’m beat! (PS: this is obviously a sign that I need to get to the gym if I’m this exhausted..)

It’s Officially Christmas Eve!!

Hi friends!! Can you believe it? It’s officially Christmas Eve. Or, it is here in the Eastern Time Zone! I thought for my last post before Christmas I’d post a few photos that I took yesterday after work. I was so excited to get off work during day light hours (for once) to take outfit photos, but by the time I made it home the sun was slowly slipping away. So I improvised and took photos inside - in front of the Christmas tree, of course! I forgot to include my new grey cape sweater from NY & Co. in the pictures. It really added to the outfit! I’m sure it will make it’s way into a post soon though. I basically find a way to wear it with everything.

Introducing my Biscuit bunny ornament via Kohl’s!

Every now and then I decide to let my eyes rest from contacts and I’ll break out the Ray-Bans. I’m basically blind, but I rarely use it as an accessory. ;] I’m not sure why! I just have to be in the mood for them and I have to feel like they go with my outfit. Picky, picky. I’d love to have a few different pair to work with! I’ve seen a few fellow bloggers rocking specs from Warby Parker and I really adore quite a few of their styles! They’re really affordable as well, so I may have to look into that.

I’m so very excited about the prospects of 2012 here at Take-Hart. I honestly don’t think I can convey my excitement about a lot of things that are coming up and I can’t wait to share! Have a Merry Christmas and stay tuned for a few typical end of the year posts. ;] Any excuse to make lists and organize content- I’m there!

Outfit Details
Floral Dress & Jewelry: Forever21
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Tights: Target
Boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes

A Very Mint Chocolate Cherry Wishlist

This little collage couldn’t be a more perfect picture of who I am as a human being. It literally incorporates everything: bunnies, kitties, hearts, floral print, pretty dresses, flats, mint .. I mean.. there’s just nothing else! <3 I know this isn't your typical wintry pinboard of pretties - but, I rarely let the seasons completely define my wardrobe so why should it define my wishlists? I love to pick certain items from my Spring/Summer clothes and pair them up with deeper colored tights and accessories to make them just as perfect for the colder seasons! I think adding the red into the mint mix does just that! Now we just need red tights...

\\1. Garden Gates Dress (currently on sale!)
\\2. Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats
\\3. Love Every Cinch of You Belt
\\4. Happy Kitty Earrings: Red
\\5. Ultrasoft Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater
\\6. China Glaze in For Audrey

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