A Review: Riveting Reds

The last time I visited Quantum Riveting Reds. I’d seen it in the store several times, but at around $7 a bottle I was a little skeptical that it would actually be that great for my hair or the preservation of red hair color. I’ve been a long time user of Redken’s Color Extend hair products which are a bit more expensive - about $5 more a bottle for the exact same size bottle. I admit that I assumed based on price that these products probably wouldn’t hold up against my Redken shampoo and conditioner. But guess what? I was wrong!

The Pros: During this go-round of hair color I’ve noticed that my all over color has stayed much brighter than it typically does. Usually by the time that my roots are showing my hair is bordering on pink. I also seem to notice that my roots are not as prominent. Being naturally blonde, the shampoo is actually dying them a teeny-tiny bit when I wash my hair - just enough that they stand out a little less than they normally would. It seems to be just moisturizing enough to cut down on frizz but not weigh my hair down and I’ve had absolutely no problem sticking to regular routine of washing my hair on Tuesdays and Saturdays. That’s right - I only have to wash my hair twice a week! I think I may have been having to wash my hair 3 times a week with Redken.

The Cons: This stuff is the exact color of my hair and it will dye your hands, shower, and towel a bit. Granted, if your hair is the color of mine it probably bleeds in the same way already so - who cares? After I wash my hands once, splash some water on the red streaks left in the shower, and wash my towel - it’s all gone.

I give this shampoo and conditioner an A+. It’s much cheaper than what I was using, replenishes my hair color, cleanses well, and minimizes washing. It actually smells pretty good, too! The label claims to brighten all shades of red hair anywhere from copper and strawberry blonde to something like mine! So don’t be intimidated by it’s bright color or that it may temporarily turn your hands a light shade of red. I would definitely recommend these products to any red-head!



  1. krystle says

    i'm a natural red and i got my hair done about a month ago and though it wasn't the shade of red i was going for (mahogany) i decided to dye my hair on top of that color at home a couple nights ago using bright auburn hair color. i made sure to buy this shampoo & conditioner before dying, and have only used it once within 2 days (i used it after the first 24 hours of coloring my hair) i'm really hoping the advertisement is true. i'm actually excited to see the results!


  2. Kiffer says

    I just bought this shampoo and conditioner today! — I've always had bright red in my hair, but it ALWAYS fades, so i'm really excited to see what this product does for my hair! =] Thanks for the review!



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