Just Dandy!

I got off of work yesterday at the earliest time that I can possibly leave, 4:30PM. Now that it stays daylight for a while beyond that time it feels so much more like I have the rest of the day to accomplish things. Yesterday at this time I came home and cleaned bunny cages, let Freckles play a little bit, made my favorite pasta salad, enjoyed a delicious salad, ran to the store for a few things with Nate, and then we enjoyed grilled pork chops with my favorite red potatoes sauteed in garlic and oregano. I got to leave again today at the same time and it feels amazing to be off so early two days in a row! I’ve been a little less productive so far, but we’re headed to the gym in just a little bit so I’ll cut myself some slack! I think I’m actually just going to take a quick nap. ;]

I know I really shouldn’t, but I just can’t help blowing all of the dandelions that’ve been popping up in your yard. It just spreads weed seeds, I KNOW. But there’s just something so fun about it. I guess I’ll have to apologize to Nate when our backyard is covered in weeds.

Just Dandy!

Just Dandy!

Just Dandy!

My roots are insane, oh my goodness. I’ve never let them grow out this far. The thing is, people keep asking me if it’s on purpose? Like, have I purposely dyed my hair blonde on top? So, I’m fooling a few people – but the truth is, I’m just lazy. Honestly, the bigger truth is that I’ve been thinking about maybe going with a different color, but that requires an expensive trip to the salon. And then I’ll probably just miss the red and be sad, because that’s how I am. Long story short- I’m going to dye it tonight.

Just Dandy!

Just Dandy!
Blooper picture! This dandelion just wouldn’t fly apart and after 3 attempts I started cracking up.

Nate is out running right now, so I’m going to just relax until he gets back and we get ready for dinner- steak and squash! I think I deserve to lay down and chill out a little, even if I should really be at the gym. ;]

Outfit Details
Tank: Express
Shorts: H&M
Cardigan: Old Navy
Sandals: c/o Blowfish Shoes
Necklace: F21
Earrings: F21

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  1. says

    girl you are SO pretty. these photos are great and the last one of you is adorable. i love bloopers that actually turn out awesome :)

    your hair is so freaking great, i can't even get over it!!


  2. Mom says

    Love to see you having fun with simple things! You are beautiful; and in that last photo, you look so much like your dad. I've seen that exact same expression so many times. :)


  3. says

    Hey lady! You know what's weird? I got dressed today and put on this outfit with spectator shoes & thought i should take pictures of myself and call the blog post "just dandy" or "fine and dandy" or something like that. And then I come in and read this!!

    Great minds think alike!!


    <3Elise [from Blowfish]


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