Just Popping In!

I thought I would go ahead and pop in to let you all know that we made it home from San Francisco. We made it back to the house around 1:30AM Tuesday morning and we both had to work just a few hours later! I’m still quite exhausted and feeling like it should be three hours earlier than it is! I can’t wait to share photos on the blog and give a little recap of all that we did. I think I may break it up in to a few posts because I know I’m going to have trouble choosing photos - I took SO many and I love them all. Ha!

The start of the new month is almost here! Can you believe it’s seriously almost June?! Nate and I celebrate our two year wedding anniversary on the 12th, we’ll be heading to Florida at the beginning of July for a few weeks, and then my birthday is in August! Eep! Although, I think after this 25th birthday comes and goes I’m going to be feeling less excited about birthdays. ;]

Well, I’m watching a bunny hop around and I’m too tired to type AND keep him out of trouble. Have a great night and I promise I will get my blog back up to speed this weekend! Also - if you’re interested in sponsorship for the month of June please shoot me an email by clicking the contact button above! <3

Bunny Love

Sunday was a relaxing day. We had lunch at Five Guys, ran a few errands, and ate dinner over at my In-law’s house. While Nate was taking a nap I decided to run around the house taking pictures. I haven’t included the bunnies in any photos in a long time - so I thought they could say hello! Biscuit will agree to being picked up, but Freckles will not have it. It’s really hard to get Freckles to stay still long enough to even have his photo taken! So that’s why Biscuit gets the fun pictures and Freckles is just standing there in his cage. Ha!

On our way home from dinner Nate and I decided to take a back country road leading away from our house instead of turning to go home. We’d never been down that road and wondered where it went. We ran across a few places that I’d heard of but never quite knew where they were, and stopped off at the most beautiful look out point! Ah, there is nothing better than cruising through the winding roads of Kentucky, gazing out at the rolling hills, and feeling the cool breeze rip by! We ended up with the tiniest bridge straight ahead - a ONE LANE bridge. Eep! I distracted myself by taking pictures while we crossed. The bigger bridge pictured below goes over the Kentucky river, and after seeing it from underneath - I never realized just how high it was!

Tomorrow is Friday!! I only work a half day and then it’s off to San Francisco! <3

Outfit Details
Dress: Thrifted
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: Vintage
Sunglasses: H&M
Sandals: Target

Around Town: Triangle Park

Our down town area is one of my favorite places in Lexington. Triangle Park holds a special place in my heart because Nate asked me to be his girlfriend here, and also proposed to me in the very same exact spot! During the warmer months it’s pretty much always packed because people love to play in the fountains. I snapped a few pictures in a quick hurry a few days ago because they dyed the fountains pink for breast cancer awareness! They accidentally dyed them red at first - giving a very creepy bloody water shark attack look. It was pretty gross looking, but they fixed it!

I can’t wait to start spending more time down town this Summer! What do you love about your down town area?

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