Maxwell’s House Of Fruit

During my stay in Sebring my parents took me by Maxwell’s House Of Fruit. I was introduced to their delicious fresh squeezed orange juice just a few days before and when we ran out I knew we had to go pick up another batch! We ended up stopping by on a whim to grab another jug and my eyes lit up! I knew I had to take outfit photos here! Doesn’t it just radiate southern charm?! Local businesses like this make Highlands County the special place that it is and I’m glad that I get to share a little bit of that with my readers!
The Maxwells have been growing oranges since 1935. I lived just up the road from this place my entire life and never even knew it existed, so I would say it’s a pretty well kept secret! You can buy tons of yummy orange-inspired treats here, like their famous orange soft serve ice cream, orange wine, jellies, and Florida Orange Blossom Honey. I didn’t get to try any of those, as the store was closed when I was in town - but I hope I get the chance next time I visit! I’m sure the quaint little shop would be so much fun to browse! Yep- I think I could spend some time on that front porch in a rocker with my free cup of fresh squeezed OJ and a yummy orange ice cream treat! Yes, you heard me - their orange juice is free by the cup!
here? Eeepp!! Yep - you guessed it! It’s the dress my Mom and I started making back in September of last year! Over the course of almost a year she sewed a little bit here and there and in perfect time she finished it the morning we took these. I can’t think of any better location to have taken photos in this dress, or any dress more perfect for this location! Even though I didn’t get to do a whole lot in the process of making it, it’s fun to know that we started it together. I’m glad that we got to take the outfit photos together, too!

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed - I’m still beyond obsessed with hats lately. While I was in Florida I wore one almost every day. As we drove out here it started sprinkling and and continued to do so off and on while I took pictures. The humidity was super high and my hair was basically straight by the time we left. Hats make Florida hair so much better! Not to mention, my roots were starting to show. I still haven’t gotten around to dying it since we’ve been back .. so I continue to wear hats. ;]

I’m Wearing: Handmade Gingham Dress made by my Mom, Forever21 necklace, earrings, + hat, and rose flats via Target.

Do you know of any well kept secrets in your town or city? I’m on a mission to discover as many as I can here in Lexington! I’ll make sure to share along the way. It’s so fun to learn about where you live, isn’t it?=)

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If you follow me through any social media outlet at all I am sure you’ve already heard me whine talk about how HOT it was in Florida. Mind you, this is coming from a native Floridian- born and raised. And I just- I couldn’t even. Ha! I did manage to get a few outfit shots though before running for the AC. I took these in my parent’s backyard, which felt like a pretty full circle place to take photos! I used to play in this backyard and day dream about what I would do/be when I was all grown up. I’m not sure I envisioned being a grown up who STILL plays in the back yard, with camera equipment.. but it’ll have to do. ;] I’m still such a kid (nerd) at heart. I got so excited when I found that a few of my favorite little creatures still live in our backyard. I was always the girl with the bug jar. I raised lizards from tiny eggs, hatched butterflies, and had even had a pet snail. The definition of cool? I think so.

I’m Wearing: Polka Dot Ruffle Tank + Sail Boat Shorts via Old Navy, necklace c/o Francesca’s Collections, earrings and headband from Forever21, and braided sandals from Target.

It’s hard for most people to believe that I was such an outdoorsy-mudpie-making-tree-climbing-bugjar-toting little gal, but I was! And now? Well now I really like to hang out in the air conditioning… ;] Thanks to all of my super sweet readers for being patient as I get back on track and catch up from vacation! This has been a very hectic past two days and I’m feeling very thankful this evening. Can’t wait to start the weekend.

Now that life has returned to normal let’s start out on a positive note, shall we? None of this blah, blah I don’t want to work crap - no sir! Just positivity. I save all of my whining for Nate, he loves it.

When we walked in to our home on Saturday evening - it felt surreal. I was only gone for two weeks, but my house felt foreign and fresh. I could even smell the “new house” smell that I thought had gone away, and I love that smell. It’s so easy to get used to your home, your things, your life. Everything becomes routine until you don’t notice it any more, or you only notice what you want to change. Your house is just there, your closet full of clothes is just there, your decorations, your furniture, your husband, your family, your job, your pets. Until you just forget that any of it doesn’t have to be there.

Toward the end of vacation I started to get tired of being away from home. I love the beach and I long to be there so often, but I was ready to go and I couldn’t understand it. When we pulled into our drive way after a long 14 hour drive I realized that I had been craving so many simple things that only my home could provide. I just wanted to feel comfy, to have my space, to know that I wasn’t going to have to make three trips back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom because I forgot one more thing I needed for my shower, after taking all of my clothes off of course! I just wanted to be at home with my husband - simply. I was so excited to get things back in their places that I unpacked my suitcase and did all of my laundry within the first few hours we were home. Yes, I have control and organizational issues - I like my stuff where it belongs! Haha.

I’m positive that everyone needs a fresh perspective now and then. I think a few weeks away from home made me realize how much I loved being able to visit my first home (Sebring) and the beach, but also how blessed I am here in the home I’ve built with my husband. I aim to wake up every morning grateful for the life I have - even if it’s routine and every day.

Hi From Siesta Key, FL

Hello friends! My oh my have I been slacking on blogging, but it’s been for a good reason! We’ve so enjoyed our vacation time here with our families at the beach. I am so glad my parents were able to make it over here to stay for a few days. To be able to spend time with both Nate’s family and my own together is a very rare occurrence, so I really treasure that time together when we get it!

We are setting out to head home early tomorrow morning and I’m anxious to get on the road and get the long drive over with. I’m so sad to leave but the thought of sleeping in my own bed and seeing my sweet bunnies sounds so nice. I miss my parents already (they left yesterday morning) but I really enjoyed the time we were able to spend both here and back in my hometown, so I can’t feel too sad - right? Well, it’s time to head out to the beach to snap a few family photos before some of the crew leaves this evening!

I’ll leave you with the winner of the most recent giveaway!

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