Firmoo Glasses & Floral Prints

So I have this thing for big glasses. When I picked these out off of I wasn’t quite sure how they would look on me. I used the Virtual Try on feature on their website and I didn’t even bother with using my own photo because the first stock photo that came up was of a girl with bangs and a similar face shape! Haha! The Virtual Try On display isn’t perfect, but it gives you enough of an idea as to what they will look like on you. I read all of the reviews, looked at the photos of them on the model, and decided on these. The prices are pretty unbeatable. The trade off is of course the ability to try them on and have them specially fit, but if you try on enough similar styles in the store you can choose wisely and have them fitted for a few extra bucks if needed! Mine fit perfectly!

If you’re looking to be frugal with your eye wear purchase but don’t want to skimp on quality - a company like here. If you’re a first time buyer, you can get a free pair - just pay for shipping! Pretty sweet deal! I should also mention that I don’t get any sort of compensation if you buy from them. I did however receive this pair for free to write a review on my experience with their company and product. Thankfully I have only good things to say! ;] It can get really awkward when you have to write a bad review! Hehe.

I want to mention that these lenses actually really surprised me. I’ve reviewed glasses from other online companies and been fairly satisfied, but the standard lenses have been, well, standard. The lenses that came in this pair are actually quite nice and don’t seem to have the glare issue that I’ve experienced with others. My prescription seems to be just fine as well, and the big frames? Well, I like looking through them even more than I thought I would! I do this thing where I try to look around the outside of my glasses because I’m used to wearing contacts and I get super dizzy, but that’s impossible to do with lenses this large! They came with a really nice hard case, a soft case, cleaning cloth, and a little tool to adjust them if needed. I got them pretty quickly too, which was surprising, as they’re based overseas! See- I really don’t have anything bad to say!

So, what do we think of the giant glasses on me? Yay or nay? I’m still a contacts girl at heart, but these are really fun - I can’t lie! If you happen to be one of those blessed individuals with perfect eyesight (curse you!), you can purchase all of their glasses (including these) as “fashion glasses” with plain lenses. I used to think people who wore “fashion glasses” were ridiculous .. but I’ve come around. Glasses are a pretty rad accessory and who am I to tell someone with perfect vision that they can’t wear cute giant glasses? That would be pretty rude of me! Let me know if you pick up a pair of your own! Thanks Firmoo for allowing me to review these!

I’m Wearing: Eyeglasses c/o, Floral H&M Garden Collections Dress, Fedora via the Gap Outlet, and a vintage family heirloom necklace.

Pieces of The Days // Anticipation

I haven’t given you all a real life update in a while, so I thought it was about time for one of those! We’ve been living for the weekends lately and taking some of the harder days in stride. Nate’s Dad has needed a little extra help around the house so we’ve been spending a little more time than usual over there. Between work and everything else on the agenda, it’s been quite the week! One of those that went unbearably slow at first, and then the next thing I knew it was almost Friday! We went to a children’s diabetes fundraiser that our friend Jimmy helped out with, went to see Kristie play some volleyball, and I tried on my bridesmaid dress for Ashley’s wedding - on top of the regular daily chores of Nate’s running, trying to decide what to eat for dinner, bunny play time, and cleaning! Oh, and I’ve had a cold for almost two weeks! Finally feeling back to normal today, thank the Lord!

August is headed out the door and I’m happily anticipating September. This was a good month, but I’m pretty excited about the change of season heading our way! I’ve been trying so hard to stop wishing away the days in lieu of what’s next, but it can be SO very hard. I’m always tapping my foot – waiting. Waiting for 5pm on a work day, waiting for the weekend, waiting for vacation, waiting for crisp cool air, waiting for warm summer temps, waiting for bigger and better things! Does it end? Life is pretty short, so I’m learning to live in the moment and be more thankful.

I’m also learning to stop being such an over thinker. I can talk myself out of anything. While shopping last weekend I tried to talk myself out of buying tights for .77 cents at the GAP, because they might be a little too big. Kristie gave me a reality check by giving me the side eye and repeating the price out loud very slowly so that I could hear that I was actually trying to talk myself out of spending 77 cents. This is no way to live life, y’all. Do what you wanna do. Don’t like, spend all of your money on Modcloth dresses – because that’s a thing that I want to do that I’m going to have to continue to resist. But, if you want something enough do what you have to do to get there!

I want to thank all of you who have left comments lately about anything and everything! The compliments on my hair, my tattoo, and my clothes – they’re so sweet and I don’t take them for granted! I don’t ever want to get used to hearing those things or feel like I’m entitled to them, because I’m a super regular person who doesn’t deserve any of this life I’ve been given. It means a lot to me that anyone would even stop by this little space to see what I have to say and I want to make sure that’s always obvious! ♥

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Four Roses

Kristie and I have been swapping a lot of clothes lately, and this outfit came entirely from a bag in her car that was on it’s way to Goodwill! When she left my house Friday night I joked that we should wear each other’s clothes when we hung out Saturday, and guess what? We totally did! Free shopping is the best kind of shopping so I hope this whole clothes swapping thing becomes a new trend that we keep up every few months or so!
The rest of the day was just as good as the beginning! We had lunch at a local deli downtown before Nate and Jackson left us to play some golf. Kristie and I spent a little bit of time at the mall - I scored two pairs of tights from the GAP for just over $4 and I bought a pack of my favorite seasonal wallflowers from B&BW! We hung out with some friends at their house for a while after that and then grabbed some sushi to end the evening! This is how I would like to spend every day of my life, please. ;] I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!
Francesca’s Collections, Owl Belt via Francesca’s Collections, Suede Purple Flats from Sears, and Purple Bow Headband from Aerie.