Four Roses

Kristie and I have been swapping a lot of clothes lately, and this outfit came entirely from a bag in her car that was on it’s way to Goodwill! When she left my house Friday night I joked that we should wear each other’s clothes when we hung out Saturday, and guess what? We totally did! Free shopping is the best kind of shopping so I hope this whole clothes swapping thing becomes a new trend that we keep up every few months or so!
The rest of the day was just as good as the beginning! We had lunch at a local deli downtown before Nate and Jackson left us to play some golf. Kristie and I spent a little bit of time at the mall - I scored two pairs of tights from the GAP for just over $4 and I bought a pack of my favorite seasonal wallflowers from B&BW! We hung out with some friends at their house for a while after that and then grabbed some sushi to end the evening! This is how I would like to spend every day of my life, please. ;] I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!
Francesca’s Collections, Owl Belt via Francesca’s Collections, Suede Purple Flats from Sears, and Purple Bow Headband from Aerie.



  1. Kyla says

    You look so adorable! I love the mix of the polka dots and the floral print. I'm not really a bourbon fan either, but that seems like a really fun tour! I've been on a few brewery tours, and they've all been smaller than I thought!


  2. katherine says

    i loved visiting the bourbon trail - we went to the ones closer to louisville so i haven't been here. try maker's mark if you haven't - i loved theirs. and this is the perfect one to visit - i love all the roses! and your outfit is adorable

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


  3. tessems says

    Your hair is kind of magical-it's like Ariel, but she's left the ocean and decided to explore the streets.
    Not sure how to explain the fabulous wardrobe, but I'm sure some friendly critters helped her get dressed before she left the shoreside.



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