A Look Around Magic Kingdom

I had a lot of fun taking way too many pictures while we were at Disney World! Magic Kingdom was easily my favorite park to photograph, even though Epcot was probably my favorite park to spend an entire day at. I grew up going to Disney and spent tons of time there as a teenager since my hometown is only an hour and a half away! I’ve never had a good camera to take along though, so that was a fun experience. I really tried to just snap photos in the moment and not be like, “OH let me go over here and get the best angle and ..” It’s pretty impossible to take really good photos with that many people walking in front of you and bumping into you, but I feel like I did manage to get a few. The ability to crop people out of the few good ones is pretty wonderful. ;]

I took a little over 50 pictures during the fireworks show, and I think maybe 2 of them came out really clear. I had a fairly good spot on Main Street to stand in even though we were further back, but when I moved to that spot a random guy who was maybe 18 or so and taller than me threw a major hissy fit that THIS RUDE GIRL came and stood in front of him - so I gave him a nice eye roll and moved. I thought his head was going to explode when people started putting children on their shoulders in front of him, and I laughed. Did he know where he was? At Disney World? With like 8 billion other people? Obviously he was the most important person visiting the park that day.

It’s A Small World is one of my favorite rides ever, behind Splash Mountain and Soarin’ (at Epcot). It’s really hard to take pictures of, though! As I mentioned previously, my Father-in-law was able to ride this with all of us. I loved watching him dance to the music a little and interact with Ann, it was just really sweet and one of those perfect moments. I took some video footage too so we’ll always be able to remember everything about it. The ability to capture memories the way that we can is something so mesmerizing to me and it’s the whole reason I love photography as much as I do- the ability to freeze time. And speaking of photography; the auto focus motor in my 18-55mm lens died while we were there. I’ve had this camera for a long time, ready for an upgrade! It still did a pretty good job though, I must say. =)

Our family trip to Disney World was certainly bittersweet, but full of amazing memories that we’ll always treasure. Things were a little bumpy when we first got down to Florida. My Father-in-law was admitted to the hospital not too long after they arrived in Orlando on Monday. Not to mention, I became extremely ill with breathing problems and ended up at the Urgent Treatment Center earlier that morning. Thankfully things began to look up over the next few days. Tim was released from the hospital and made it to Magic Kingdom two days in a row, just long enough to ride a ride or two (I think ‘It’s A Small World’ was his favorite) and see his grand-babies enjoying themselves. We had wonderful hospice nurses that provided 24 hour care at the hotel and during his visits to the park, and my parents were able to come up from my hometown to help out a bit that Monday night while he was in the hospital. It just really sort of … all worked out for the best. If ever there was a time where I heard God speak loud and clear to me about my inability to just shut up and have a little faith – it was during that trip. Boy do I love to analyze, rationalize, and lean on my own understanding - or lack there of!

It’s hard to blog when things are shitty, friends. There’s really no other way to put it. Sometimes “shitty” is the only fitting word for a bad situation, and this is one of those times. My Father-in-law has cancer, as most of you know, and things have been really extra hard lately. I haven’t really been able to figure out how to work the events of the past week or so into the life that I share on this blog, so I just haven’t.

I miss blogging, y’all. I haven’t posted in a quite a while and yet, I still continue to get sweet comments on my most recent outfit post. Seriously – you guys really don’t know how much you’ve brightened some of my darker days recently, even for just a minute! It’s the simple things.

I’m not sure what’s ahead for our family over the next month, but I know I want to blog as much as I can – when the sun comes out, so to speak. I want to have something to work on- writing, outfits, photography – things that are pretty insignificant but make me feel happy. This is my favorite time of the year for all of those things, after all.

We’re heading to Disney World on the 15th for a week. Tim, my FIL, insisted that he take our entire family to Disney – so we’re dropping everything and making it happen. I feel extremely blessed that Nate and I are in the position to be able to do that. Even in sad times, I’m excited to experience one of my favorite places on earth with all of them. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that Tim will continue to feel well enough to enjoy this trip! Xo.

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