Jan 21, 2013

I couldn’t think of a witty title for this outfit post. I’m honestly surprised I’m even able to think to blog right now (11pm!)! Work has been hectic and the weekend was completely full. It was full of fun, but still! I wore this outfit to work on Friday and I really liked the way it came together. I’ve been trying to force myself to mix things up a little with my outfits! It’s been easy to be a bit lazy with what I wear knowing that I’m just going to end up covered in sweat at the gym later! I’ve been feeling stretched pretty thin lately! There are certainly not enough hours in the day to get everything done and it can feel pretty frustrating at times. One of my New Years resolutions was to manage my time a bit better, but now I’m starting to realize that I already manage my time just about as efficiently as possible. I really enjoy sleeping a little later when I can and I try not to make myself feel bad for that one because I work hard and I deserve it! But overall, I’ve started using my free time very efficiently. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to go around! I have a new blog design in the works (yes - again!), I’m starting a new blog project with a friend from my hometown (woo!), needing to help her set up her own blog, planning a bachelorette party for one bride, planning a shopping trip for a bridesmaid dress for another bride, and trying to enjoy some down time with Nate somewhere in between! If you have any extra hours in your day to spare - send ‘em my way! ;]

Outfit Details:

Cardigan // Target (Buy it here!)
Dress // Thrifted
Bag // Bobbi Bucket Satchel c/o Sienna Ray & Co.
Glasses // c/o Firmoo.com
Shoes // GAP
Earrings // c/o Poshlocket.com
Scarf // Shii

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Why you gotta be so pretty? LOL.
I do have to say, I love your scarf. I really wish some days I could get dressed up for work :(


at 2:18 pm


You look so pretty, and your hair is gorgeous!

I have to say I really love your template at the moment. So pretty! <3


at 1:55 am


I love your hair like that and I can't wait for the new blog design! Not that this one isn't perfect, but you always out do yourself.


at 11:59 am


My GOSH you are cuuuute! I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair and holy moly those glasses were made for your face. You are the cutest!!


at 6:08 pm