Run The Bluegrass 2013

Nate ran a half marathon yesterday - that’s 13.1 miles for those of you who don’t know. I’m sure that you already knew, but I just know that if I wasn’t married to a marathoner I would have had to use my Google searching powers to figure that out. So if I saved you 5 seconds.. you’re welcome. Not to brag on my husband or anything but (yes - to brag on my husband) he finished ahead of his projected time at one hour and 51 minutes! The race was out at Keeneland and it was beyond beautiful weather for it. My Mother-in-law and I grabbed some breakfast and coffee at Panera Bread and then made our way over to the race to hang out near the finish line and wait. Waiting for him always makes me so nervous! I always want to get the perfect photo and I’m always worried I will get distracted and miss him running by! Thankfully I saw he and his friend Daniel with quite a bit of time to snap a few photos and cheer them on! So, so beyond proud of Nate. I hope he can always tell that I’m his biggest fan!

On March 21st Nate and I celebrated seven years of knowing one another. We sent our annual (slightly cliché and sappy) text messages to each other on Thursday, gushing about how ridiculous it seems that we have been together for over 1/3 of our lives now.

June 15, 2009
Yesterday it hit me a little differently as I sat at work longing to relive this past weekend. It was one of those ‘ah ha’ moments that made me positively giddy and excited to be living this one precious life. What was it, you ask? The realization that our relationship has been growing every day since the day that we met, and that it will continue to get better every day going forward. That’s exciting, right? Every day of my marriage will be the best day of my marriage yet because we’re learning more about each other every single day. A lot of people frown upon getting married young because “people change”. But I haven’t been able to figure out how that’s a bad thing. Watching Nate change and grow has been one of my favorite things about being married to him and I hope he would say the same about me. Some of the most identifiable traits that make us each who we are today have really only developed in the last few years. Nate wasn’t a runner when we met; not even when we got married! So he certainly didn’t have a goal to run a marathon on all 7 continents in 2016 at that time! I was a blogger, but I didn’t have a sense of direction that I wanted to go in with blogging. I had no plans of being serious about photography, handmade, or lifestyle blogging as an actual source of income – but that’s slowly started to change and I’m making baby steps. We both have these relatively new interests and lofty goals to accompany them – but we love helping each other toward achieving those goals.

This past weekend was wonderful - we watched our two sweet friends get married, danced the night away at their wedding, went out for a delicious Sunday afternoon brunch at First Watch (we’d never been before!), hung out a while at our favorite local cd/record store, had a beer at Country Boy, and stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home to buy a book I’ve been looking for. Our weekend was the perfect mix of things we both enjoy (except for the dancing - he did that just for me! haha!) and I’m so thankful that we’ve started to love a lot of the same things. I can’t wait to see how our relationship will continue to grow over the next year and the next!

It’s passed midnight guys, so today is the big day- Ashley and Brian are tying the knot! Tonight we are having a little girl party at her house - hanging out in our pjs with our laptops and chatting! So fun! We were pretty chilly at the rehearsal (outside) tonight but we thawed out pretty quick with a few margaritas at Chuy’s for dinner! We had a large room sectioned off just for our party and party we did. ;]

I’m so very happy for Ashley and Brian! I’ve been friends with her since we were twelve years old and I’ve never seen her as happy as I saw her tonight. Makes my heart so happy! Make sure to follow me on Instagram, and Vine (Take_Hart) because I’m going to be sharing the wedding happiness all over social media. I can’t help myself - I’m just such a sap!

To Ashley- I’m so blessed to call you my friend and I’m beyond excited to be part of your big day! I am so thankful for Brian, so thankful for the plan that God had all along for the two of you! I know that tomorrow is going to be worth all of the wedding planning woes that you’ve endured - it’s going to be a fairytale wedding - the kind you deserve! Love you always and Nate and I will always be here for you guys no matter what! <3

Well - I do believe it’s time for bed! We have an early wake up call and I am going to one cranky Matron of Honor if I don’t get some rest. I see a trip to Starbucks very near. Goodnight!