Currently: On The Road

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “currently” post on the ol’ blog- so I thought, why not?! We’ll call this the “on the road” edition since I just happen to be in the passenger seat as we make our way to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. I rarely blog from my phone and I’m honestly not sure why because it is ridiculously convenient when I just want to give a bit of a life update!


Listening To: Good Things by the Menzingers

Thinking About: How proud I am of my husband - I know that he will do great in the race tomorrow!

Feeling: Caffeinated and nostalgic. George Jones passed away today. His music takes me back (as most classic country does) to being little and hearing my Dad cover his songs. I have a vivid memory of my Dad singing, “If You’ve Got The Money”.

Wanting: More coffee! I’m addicted to iced salted caramel mochas from Starbucks. Even though they no longer have the salt.

Excited For: The Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow event tonight! There is a hot air balloon race tomorrow morning and tonight they will be lighting them all up in one area. How fun, right? It’s going to be so pretty. Also majorly looking forward to seeing Dave and Alanna on Sunday! I fixed the guest bedroom up all pretty and everything!

Thankful For: Pretty weather and the ability to take a day off of work. There is something about being off on a work day that is so good for the soul. It just makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world! Haha. So silly but so true! It’s such a gorgeous Spring afternoon, too!

Have a great day friends!

Pretty Spaces: Jackson & Kristie’s

Nate and I find ourselves over at Jackson & Kristie’s place on most weekends. They live in the perfect location downtown so we walk to a lot of our favorite local spots from there - plus, they have a great backyard area for grilling and hanging out! And - as you can see - their apartment has so much character! I’ll always be so thankful that Nate and I were able to build our own brand new home to our liking, but nothing beats the charm of an older home and I find myself coveting them often! The detail in the fireplace, the built in bookshelves.. the lighting in their kitchen. Seriously so great, right?

When I snapped these pictures I was planning to share a tutorial for a delicious cocktail Kristie found in a magazine. Though the drink looked very pretty when we were done - it didn’t taste quite right! (We should know by now to leave the cocktails to Jackson!) So this post is actually the product of a tutorial gone wrong. Funny how that worked out!

PS: The winner of the $35 shop credit to Salt Valley Vintage is Carly Ann! I will be contacting you soon, Carly! =)

Pieces of The Days: Another Weekend

Sunday lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse. Yes, I’m aware that one of my eyes looks bigger than the other!

This weekend went by in a flash - as they all do. I spent most of last week sick and even had to call out of work on Wednesday for the first time since I started my new position. I’ll still be playing catch up this week - crossing my fingers that it will all go by quick since I have Friday off! Nate and I leave Friday afternoon to head to Louisville for his marathon on Saturday! Then on Sunday two of my very best friends from Sebring are stopping in to hang out with us for the day and spend the night! I am so excited to see them and have them here - HERE - in my house - in my city! The drive from Florida to Kentucky is quite a long one so I’m pretty understanding about not having a lot of visitors from home. It just makes it that much more sweet when friends do make the journey up here!

This weekend was a relaxing one and for that I’m so thankful. I jumped into my pajamas almost immediately after getting off of work on Friday and had no shame! I watched the last half of the first season of Hart of Dixie (again, no shame), stayed up late, ate pistachio gelato, and slept in way later than I should have. We did manage to do a few adult tasks - we bought all new pillows and enough paper towels to last us until next year. Ok, not really but - there was a ridiculous sale on paper towels at Target and we felt pretty awesome about the great deal we got. See? There is nothing more responsible than having the foresight to stock up on paper towels when they’re cheap. Saturday night Nate fell asleep on the couch and I went on to bed. He has slept on the couch a little to avoid coming down with whatever I’ve had and even though I was feeling mostly better I went on upstairs without him - he just looked too comfy to move. A few hours later I finally just came back down stairs and asked if I could sleep on the couch with him- ha! I literally couldn’t go to sleep without him after just a few nights apart. We slept cuddled and squished on the couch for a few hours before we both woke up like, “Uh… there is a queen size bed upstairs … what?” and made our way up to bed. It was just nice to sleep in our squished little ball for a few hours. Sometimes I think about these times where we’re doing just what we want - just the two of us. It’s fun to picture what our life will look like when it’s not just us anymore. That’s still a ways off my friends, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind! Like .. all of the time.

Have a great Monday!! (..and if you’re reading via a feed reader please stop by and check out my new design!)

I wish I could show every aspect of the tour and every single photo that I took! I’m going to have such a rough time narrowing down which pictures to share when we go places like this. I have Nate to thank for my outfit photos, of course! He even got all of the little details - like these buttons! I didn’t even notice the little anchors until the third or fourth time I wore them!

Outfit Details:

Lace Top: Forever 21
High-Wasited Shorts: Clothing swap with Kristie
Leopard Flats: Target
Leopard Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Leopard Sunglasses: Target
Bag: Bobbi Bucket Satchel c/o Sienna Ray & Co.

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