Apr 26, 2013

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “currently” post on the ol’ blog- so I thought, why not?! We’ll call this the “on the road” edition since I just happen to be in the passenger seat as we make our way to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. I rarely blog from my phone and I’m honestly not sure why because it is ridiculously convenient when I just want to give a bit of a life update!


Listening To: Good Things by the Menzingers

Thinking About: How proud I am of my husband - I know that he will do great in the race tomorrow!

Feeling: Caffeinated and nostalgic. George Jones passed away today. His music takes me back (as most classic country does) to being little and hearing my Dad cover his songs. I have a vivid memory of my Dad singing, “If You’ve Got The Money”.

Wanting: More coffee! I’m addicted to iced salted caramel mochas from Starbucks. Even though they no longer have the salt.

Excited For: The Kentucky Derby Festival Great Balloon Glow event tonight! There is a hot air balloon race tomorrow morning and tonight they will be lighting them all up in one area. How fun, right? It’s going to be so pretty. Also majorly looking forward to seeing Dave and Alanna on Sunday! I fixed the guest bedroom up all pretty and everything!

Thankful For: Pretty weather and the ability to take a day off of work. There is something about being off on a work day that is so good for the soul. It just makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world! Haha. So silly but so true! It’s such a gorgeous Spring afternoon, too!

Have a great day friends!

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Derby!!! I AM SO JEALOUS! I won't be able to watch this year because I'm moving and getting internet installed that day! I'm so mad, I wasn't thinking when I was planning at all.


at 8:05 pm

Love, Carrie

I am so excited for the Kentucky Derby! I've read that there is a ton of fun stuff to do around the event for days….so jeally right now!!! Have a blast!


at 2:17 am

Saol Sona

I was saddened upon the news of George Jones. I remember my mom listening to his music growing up. Have fun at the Derby!!!


at 9:03 pm