Denim & Polka Dot Hearts

Outfit Details:

Denim Crop Top: Pac Sun (similar)
Geometric Print Dress: Pac Sun
Boots: Kmart
Tights: Aerie

Man, life has been good lately. I haven’t been feeling that way on a daily basis necessarily - in fact - quite the opposite some days! But after browsing through my Instagram feed it feels hard to deny it - life is good.

The weather is finally warm and weekends are being spent outside on patios overlooking the city and eating delicious food from our favorite local food trucks. I’m constantly aware that we’re making some of the best memories during this time in our lives - hanging out with friends on the weekends, seeing our favorite bands live, having a beer and chatting on the couch into the late hours of the night!

Nate got his first tattoo on Sunday - there’s a little sneak peek of him on the table in the above photos! Some of you may have seen the tattoo already but I took some good shots with my big ol’ DSLR and I can’t wait to share those with you guys, along with the story behind what he got. It couldn’t be more perfect for him!

But this evening I can thank Instagram for helping me realize that I should feel plenty satisfied and thankful! That’s my favorite part about these posts - reflecting back on my favorite pieces of the days! Have a great rest of the week and make sure to check back to see if you’re the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway over the next few days!

Well I suppose I can’t hide the fact that these photos are a leetle bit old! I mean, just a few weekends ago old! But if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that my hair is leaning more toward the blonde spectrum now! I plan to remix this dress at least 1000xs this Spring/Summer so I’ll let the different hair color aid in the remixing! ;] These outfit photos were taken on a complete whim while we were downtown giving our out of town guests, Dave & Alanna, a tour of the city! It was overcast and fairly cool out but I just had to wear this new dress! My friends from Florida were totally wearing hoodies and looking at me like I was a little crazy!

Denim has quickly become my favorite wardrobe staple of the season. If I’ve purchased an item of clothing in the last month it has been denim or a light color “faux denim” like you see here. I may have even bought acid wash jeans… I adore them.. I don’t care what anyone says! I love how this dress looks like a crop top with a skirt - all the fun of a crop top without having to worry about my tummy popping out! Would you believe it’s from Wet Seal?

These tulips were so, so pretty! We visited this spot again just under a week or so later and they were all gone. I guess tulips have a fairly short lifespan? I never realized! They are definitely my favorite flower and I was so excited when we turned the corner to see them all so beautifully planted. :]

Every now and then I come across new music that fills my heart with pure happiness; Soft Times, by Matt Duncan, is definitely at the top of my “happy heart” list right now. Matt Duncan is a singer-songwriter from the beautiful (I may be biased..) city of Lexington, KY. As a music lover and Lexington resident, this album feels a little bit like a hidden gem tucked in the back pocket of the local music scene, just waiting to be shared with the world. I first heard Matt play one night on a whim when some friends asked Nate and I to hang out at Cosmic Charlie’s - a local music venue where another good friend of ours runs the sound. We had such a good time that night and I knew instantly that the songs on this album would become key to my summer playlist! It has a smooth retro Indie/Pop vibe that is just so easy to love .. and dance to! Just have a listen and try to tell me that you’re not dancing around your living room singing about moving to the Keys! If you’re ever in the area you’ll definitely want to make it out to see Matt and his band - they’re great live and so entertaining!

Pick up your own copy of Soft Times by Facebook for tour dates and all other updates!

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