Happy Mother’s Day!

I just wanted to pop in to say Happy Mother’s Day!! Living far apart from my Mom certainly makes holidays like today a little difficult, and I always feel guilty that I can’t be there to celebrate! I can’t wait to visit home and go on little adventures around town again – which is what we were doing in this picture! We made the dress I’m wearing (or.. I helped a little and she *made* the dress) over a period of visits and finished it the last time I was there. It was so fun to work on a little project together! Any and all creative ability I have comes from her. She made most of my clothes growing up and most importantly (of course) – my Halloween costumes! I never *EVER* wore a store bought Halloween costume (because that is shameful, y’all! .. I’m kidding. Kind of.) and I won too many costume contests to count. This kind of stuff is a big deal in small towns, people! I learned how to shop the sale wracks and never pay full price for anything- but always look like I did! A very valuable life lesson for a personal style blogger, right?! ;] My Mom taught me to work hard, be compassionate, to always go after what I want in life, and to never settle. Everything I have today is because of what she taught me. I had a lot of chances to take the easier, simpler road and to listen to what other people thought or wanted. But that’s never been me! I’m so thankful she taught me to follow my heart! I love you, Momma!
Mom & IMom & I
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you sweet ladies out there celebrating today! This is the first Mother’s Day where I’ve felt a little twinge of heart achey-ness that I don’t have my own little one yet! Lawdy lawd, poor Nate. He has been hearing all about my baby fever. Though it’s not all me – I will totally call him out on texting me to tell me a cute baby girl name a few days ago! We still have lots of things we want to do, money to save, etc etc. I’m just trying not to be a crazy person about it. ;] (But seriously, there are pregnant ladies and cute babies everywhere I turn.) For now I will just remind myself that I am a fur Mom to two cute bunnies…

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  1. Mom says

    Thank you so much my sweet baby girl!!! You couldn't have given me a more perfect Mother's Day Gift than this…and you said it was no big deal, but to me it is a very BIG deal!!! Thank you for these memories both in your words and the pictures. I'm very proud of the woman you are today, and I love you more than you will ever know.


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