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Man, life has been good lately. I haven’t been feeling that way on a daily basis necessarily – in fact – quite the opposite some days! But after browsing through my Instagram feed it feels hard to deny it – life is good.

Pieces of The Days
The weather is finally warm and weekends are being spent outside on patios overlooking the city and eating delicious food from our favorite local food trucks. I’m constantly aware that we’re making some of the best memories during this time in our lives – hanging out with friends on the weekends, seeing our favorite bands live, having a beer and chatting on the couch into the late hours of the night!

Nate got his first tattoo on Sunday – there’s a little sneak peek of him on the table in the above photos! Some of you may have seen the tattoo already but I took some good shots with my big ol’ DSLR and I can’t wait to share those with you guys, along with the story behind what he got. It couldn’t be more perfect for him!

Don’t you all just love the bridesmaid card that my friend Kristie made and sent over? How perfect is the idea to give out paint swatches when letting your bridesmaids choose a dress in a various shade of a color? AND, how great is it that she chose various shades of mustard? I mean if I have to buy a dress in my favorite color *I GUESS* I will. Don’t be surprised if you see an inspiration board of mustard dresses plastered up here soon! There are a few events coming up that I need to buy dresses for- shew! Better be counting my pennies and saving up! Especially since I’ve started getting my hair professionally done to get back to platinum! It’s been so easy to get carried away with going out and having fun that we’ve realized we need to take it a little easy and save up for some of the things we have planned. I still have so many things I want to do/buy for our home. I can’t wait until we can fence in the backyard and I still need to work on a photo collage leading up the stairs! Oh and I want a record player (that works) almost more than I can stand it! Oh life, we’re just never satisfied are we? ;]
Pieces of The Days
But this evening I can thank Instagram for helping me realize that I should feel plenty satisfied and thankful! That’s my favorite part about these posts – reflecting back on my favorite pieces of the days! Have a great rest of the week and make sure to check back to see if you’re the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway over the next few days!

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