Brittany & CJ’s Wedding

On June 15th one of my closest girlfriends, Brittany, got married and I had the pleasure of standing up next to her on her special day! Whenever I wasn’t performing bridesmaid duties, I was taking photos! If you know me at all I’m betting you aren’t surprised one bit! Brittany and CJ had a lovely outdoor ceremony and reception on the grounds of a beautiful bed & breakfast in Richmond, Kentucky - the evening light and sweet details made it easy to get some great shots! I wish Brittany and CJ all the happiness in the world in their new life together!

Keeping up with a workout routine hasn’t really been.. well.. working out. I’m one of those people that will go full force, 110% and then I slowly stop caring. Or I see some good results and I’m like, “K! Time to take a break now.” I cheat myself out of so much by working so hard and then never seeing anything good come of it because I loose interest and motivation. I’ve realized that without small, bite sized goals I am never going to stick with anything.

I’ve been a Revolt Now Fitness blogger for a while now but I haven’t really taken it seriously. I’ve had a “goal weight” in mind all along but that really hasn’t worked to motivate me. A few days ago I realized that I’ll be at the beach in less than a month and if that’s not motivation to get up and go then I don’t know what is! I really want to see what I can accomplish between now and July 12th. I know it’s a short span of time but I really think I can make some serious improvement if I put in the effort.

I’ve decided to stick with some mini goals to help me keep me on track:

1. Drink Enough Water!! - I’ve noticed a vast improvement in how I feel while I’m working out and afterward simply by staying properly hydrated. I can literally go hours without drinking anything and if I have coffee or something else to replace water - I can go DAYS without drinking it if I don’t force myself to. I’ve actually started to notice major problems with my memory, ability to focus, phantom pains, etc. - and guess what?! After a little research I’ve realized that I can basically link all of my weirdo health issues to being severely dehydrated. So drink your water, people.

2. Have A Workout Plan - Going to the gym with no real plan doesn’t work well for me. I need to know exactly what I’m there to do so I can get in and get it done. That is the main reason that Revolt is so great for me. There’s no guesswork - there’s a new video every day and I just follow Nichole’s lead as I watch the videos. I have found that it’s easier for me to work out at home with this plan vs in the gym. I honestly think I may buy a mat, a few weights, and cancel my gym membership. I can get just as good of a workout at home with a few essential items! Sounds like a plan to save some money, too!

3. Break Down Your *BIG* Goal - Breaking my goals down into small daily/weekly chunks works best for me. If I decide I want to loose x amount of weight with no real understanding of what needs to happen between here and there - I’ll never get there. Knowing my weekly goal helps to motivate me daily in my food choices and my routine.

Do you have any tips on staying motivated? There are so many people out there who come by it naturally (like my Husband!) and I’m so jealous! Show me your ways if that’s you too!

“To me you are the light from a light bulb that breaks sometimes
and the tender warmth inside is released into my life”
On June 12th Nate and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. We went out for sushi and frozen yogurt the night before and spent our actual anniversary evening with friends and family at Nate’s weekly softball game. He sweetly apologized several times for making us spend our anniversary at a softball game - but the funny thing was that I never even thought twice about it. My favorite flowers (tulips) and a sweet card were waiting for me when I got home from work earlier that day and he (jokingly) said that he was sorry he wasn’t able to give me expensive jewelry. It got me to thinking about the people out there that really do feel like they need to celebrate special dates in a certain way - on the exact date, at a certain place, with an expensive gift. I just can’t really understand that. I can’t imagine making Nate miss a softball game so we could celebrate on the exact date of our anniversary and I also can’t see myself ever feeling disappointed with any gift he would give to me. I’m so blessed to have a loving husband who wants to make sure that I have everything I want, but what he doesn’t realize is that he does that every single day just by being my best friend. Though I will never turn down sushi, frozen yogurt, or flowers! =D And it’s a good thing we went to that softball game because, um, he hit a grand slam! Wouldn’t have missed that for the world!

We snapped the picture above as we left Brittany & CJ’s wedding Saturday night. The fireflies were so pretty and just everywhere - can you spot them whirling around us? Fireflies will always remind me of good things: falling in love, Saves The Day songs, moving to Kentucky, Summer, moving into our brand new house right after we got married - what a fitting image to celebrate 3 years! I love you Nate!