Sweet Summer Time & Dreams

Nate and I have been daydreaming a lot lately about the future and what it might hold. I think that getting married young can be tricky - so worth it when you know it’s right - but still tricky! We’ve both developed new interests and created so many new goals for ourselves during our short 3 years of marriage. We’re extremely supportive of one another - so it works! But I just find it so interesting how so much can change. I feel like we’ve accomplished what so many couples our age are working so hard toward - we have a great marriage, our own home, and jobs that pay the bills (not our dream jobs, but jobs none the less). Building our own home was a dream come true and it feels like we should be settled - content to stay here forever. But what if we want to move? What if our dreams take us somewhere else? I’m not saying that will happen but it just feels crazy to even think about the possibility of it.

There is always that possibility though - for any of us! We get out of life what we put in and if there is something that you want - just you know, go get it (within reason, obviously y’all). Every time I visit my home town I am told by any number of people that they’re so proud of me for “getting out”, like I accomplished some wildly unattainable goal that NO ONE ELSE can figure out how to accomplish. I’m not saying it’s just THATEASY to up and move, or that it isn’t scary, or that you shouldn’t plan ahead. Maybe you’ll have to plan for years for it to even be feasible - money doesn’t grow on trees, at least not where I’m from! I’m not saying just get in your car and drive away - but you can make plans toward the things you want and make smart choices, right? No one has chained you to your town, bad relationships, or your crappy job. And just because Nate and I feel like we have many of the things that should make us happy forever, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t actually something just as equally great (if not better) waiting somewhere else! That’s the great thing about life. =)

I hope that my ramblings didn’t come off sounding as if I think it’s simple to have any ol’ thing you want out of life if you just will it into existence. I know that isn’t the case. But I do think too many of us are so paralyzed by fear of something different that we can’t even see that we actually have other choices - and that is what I’m talking about here. I am guilty of that fear, and so I’m challenging myself to have a little faith in our dreams even when they seem a little nuts! Have a great Saturday everyone!

^^I was *kidding* when I posed like this, but hilariously enough it is one of the few pictures that turned out in the low lighting!
These photos were taken at the beginning of July. There is a lovely little pond just around the block from our house. It’s a nice place to sit, watch fireflies, and enjoy a pretty sunset - we have a multitude of those around here! These pictures popped up immediately in iPhoto when I went to load my SD card from vacation. They are a nice reminder that there is so much to love here and be thankful for. It’s always difficult to return to reality after a carefree week of vacation. I know, I know - first world problems! But it’s a little harder for me since I have family and friends to miss in Florida, as well as the beach! It’s difficult when your heart is dived between two places.. but I feel so blessed to have two places to call home!

Have a great week everyone! I know mine will be insanely busy catching up on work from the last week! Eeekk.

Today I’m happy to share a guest post from my wonderful featured sponsor, Jessica! I have only recently discovered her blog and I am already totally hooked on her writing style and pretty pictures! Make sure to check out her blog, and all of the items on her summer must-haves list below!!


Hi, all! I’m Jessica from . I’m so excited to be here on Stephanie’s wonderful blog and to share my summer must-haves with Take Hart readers!

1. I always dress fairly simple during the summer - Basic cut-offs and tank tops or sun dresses. Fun bracelets that I can keep on are my favorite way to not feel so frumpy. This from Madewell is perfect for that.

2. I used to be all about designer sunglasses, then I realized they were destined to be lost or broken by August. Now, I go for cheapies and have been loving these  from Forever 21.

3. The sun is fantastic, but it will ruin your skin. I use every day to keep my skin from looking like leather 20 years from now. A lot of daily moisturizers are only SPF 15, but I really sugest finding one that’s SPF 30.

4. Regardless of wether or not we have SPF on, the sun can still dry out the skin on our face like no other. Before bed and after cleansing I love to use to hydrate my skin. The link I provided is to the h20 site, but I’ll let you in on a little secret… I see it at T. J. Maxx for more than half the price all the time!

5. Okay, so we’ve all heard of Rosebud Salve and most of us love it. You know what’s even better? The. The mint makes it feel so refreshing and it’s in a tube so no dipping your dirty finger in a tub of salve! Ew.

6. During summer I’m all about a good canvas tote. They’re great for going to the beach, pool or wherever and throwing in all of your must-haves. I’m a sucker for anything animal print, so I fell in love with the  from ModCloth. I mean, yellow bunnies? C’mon…

7. ICED TEA! Iced tea is my go-to on hot days. I stick three of four lipton black tea bags in a pitcher of warm water and leave it in the sun all day. Once it’s done, I take out the tea bags and place it in the fridge. The tea pictured is muddled with fresh strawberries and so tasty.

8. I have naturally light hair, and even without the sun the dark dye fades from it at ridiculous speeds. Add the sun into the mix and my rich brown become a dull, terrible strawberry blonde in no time. I’m an Aveda junkie and their is by far the best I’ve used. It doesn’t make it greasy and protects my color!

I hope you enjoyed this list, I’d love to hear some of your summer must-haves!
Thank you, Stephanie, for having me! 


Thanks so much, Jessica, for taking care of my lovely readers while I’m away!!

Road Trippin’

We are on the road and headed to Florida! It’s been a fun trip so far! We have Ethan, our nephew, with us and he has been a joy to have along! There’s been lots of guy talk, of course. I’m learning a lot about baseball. ;] And speaking of baseball, we are making a pit stop on our way to Siesta Key to go to a Reds game since they are playing the Braves in Atlanta. It’s going to be such a good time, and then we’ll be back on the road again! Headed to Florida, headed home. I’ll always refer to both Kentucky and Florida as home.

According to that photo of my luggage, I have packed enough clothing for a much longer vacation. Wishful thinking! I go all out when I know I don’t have to meet a weight requirement on my luggage. Heh! I like options, what can I say? Oh and that water bottle is my new favorite daily life essential, by the way! It definitely came on the trip with me. I picked it up at Marshall’s a few days ago and haven’t left the house without it since. I have never been one to drink water, and apparently the problem was that I just needed a fun straw to drink out of. Because I’m 5, obviously. Oh well! Whatever works, right?! So go buy a fun water bottle if you have trouble drinking enough water! That’s my advice for the day. Another bit of advice? Let your body adjust to the new water intake before going on a road trip… I’ve gone from being the best passenger to the worst.

Have a great weekend friends! I’ll be popping in throughout the week and I even have a fun guest post lined up for you guys!

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