Kentucky Sunsets

^^I was *kidding* when I posed like this, but hilariously enough it is one of the few pictures that turned out in the low lighting!
These photos were taken at the beginning of July. There is a lovely little pond just around the block from our house. It’s a nice place to sit, watch fireflies, and enjoy a pretty sunset - we have a multitude of those around here! These pictures popped up immediately in iPhoto when I went to load my SD card from vacation. They are a nice reminder that there is so much to love here and be thankful for. It’s always difficult to return to reality after a carefree week of vacation. I know, I know - first world problems! But it’s a little harder for me since I have family and friends to miss in Florida, as well as the beach! It’s difficult when your heart is dived between two places.. but I feel so blessed to have two places to call home!

Have a great week everyone! I know mine will be insanely busy catching up on work from the last week! Eeekk.


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2 thoughts on “Kentucky Sunsets

  1. surreal!!!


  2. Wow, what absolutely gorgeous colours. 14 hours in a car?! I think the longest I've travelled in my car was under 6 hours, although I did do a coach trip with my school from Somerset, England to Koln, Germany, via France! Eesh!



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