Road Trippin’

We are on the road and headed to Florida! It’s been a fun trip so far! We have Ethan, our nephew, with us and he has been a joy to have along! There’s been lots of guy talk, of course. I’m learning a lot about baseball. ;] And speaking of baseball, we are making a pit stop on our way to Siesta Key to go to a Reds game since they are playing the Braves in Atlanta. It’s going to be such a good time, and then we’ll be back on the road again! Headed to Florida, headed home. I’ll always refer to both Kentucky and Florida as home.

According to that photo of my luggage, I have packed enough clothing for a much longer vacation. Wishful thinking! I go all out when I know I don’t have to meet a weight requirement on my luggage. Heh! I like options, what can I say? Oh and that water bottle is my new favorite daily life essential, by the way! It definitely came on the trip with me. I picked it up at Marshall’s a few days ago and haven’t left the house without it since. I have never been one to drink water, and apparently the problem was that I just needed a fun straw to drink out of. Because I’m 5, obviously. Oh well! Whatever works, right?! So go buy a fun water bottle if you have trouble drinking enough water! That’s my advice for the day. Another bit of advice? Let your body adjust to the new water intake before going on a road trip… I’ve gone from being the best passenger to the worst.

Have a great weekend friends! I’ll be popping in throughout the week and I even have a fun guest post lined up for you guys!


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3 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. Have fun! Now I want to take a picture of my suitcase before our next road trip!


  2. Woo have a great time!! :) I bought a new water bottle a few weeks ago which has helped shift a few pounds… and pee a LOT more! :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


  3. Have fun! I bet you're so glad to be back in Florida! Hopefully it isn't rainy there like it has been here for the past 2 weeks.



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