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streaming the entire album this evening and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed most every song on it. I mean, I think there was maybe ONE that I would have skipped. To be honest, I thought the album would be kind of a let down in comparison to the catchy hit that has been stuck in my head since the weekend.. but it did not disappoint!
So what I mean to say is: this 16 year old girl from New Zealand has my attention and I think you should give her new album, Pure Heroine a listen! Tell me what you think if you do! And YES, I said SIXTEEN. Is your mind blown?


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3 thoughts on “Listen to This V.1

  1. I too was totally tardy to the Lorde party so no need to be embarrassed at least we made it to the party hehe. Royals is such an amazing song!


  2. I keep seeing her everywhere & I love her look, it's about time I gave her a listen!


  3. Kelsey

    ahhh yes I am LOVING lorde! Glory and Gore is my favorite off of this album! and your outfit rocks =]

    Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog



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