Around The House: DIY Kitchen/Dining Room Art

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for very long then you know that ‘frugal’ is my middle name. If I had a second middle name it would be ‘indecisive’. I have a really tough time purchasing things for my home because I’m never sure of exactly what I want to do with *insert product that I will carry around the store for 20 minutes and then put down, feeling deflated* or if I absolutely love it, it doesn’t seem worth the price (even though it probably is). Our house remained fairly void of character for a long time because I talked myself out of everything I thought about buying. Everything.

A few weeks ago I noticed an old frame of photos hanging in our entry way. I put the collage of photos together back when we still lived with my husband’s parents. Basically, I was displaying a collage of our awkward teenage love phase in the entry of our married adult home and I thought - this frame could serve a much better purpose and these photos need to go in an album somewhere! Because I am the kind of person who wants what she wants and I want it right now, there was no time to order a cute print to go in the frame. Besides, I could never decide on one and they would all be too expensive anyway! So I made one. I’ve seen this phrase everywhere and whether I speak it out loud or not - it is a pretty accurate description of how I feel every morning upon waking.. and then every 3-4 hours after I am awake. I thought it would be perfect to hang in the kitchen! Now .. I’m using the term “DIY” loosely here because all I really did was draw on some paper and frame it, y’all. But it was fun and maybe it will inspire you to draw on some paper and frame it too. ;]

You Need:
♥ A frame =)
♥ Scrapbook paper - I have a giant book of different prints/patterns that cost me a few bucks at Michaels.
♥ Washi tape
♥ A pencil and Sharpie
♥ Glue stick

Start by picking out the paper you want to use. My frame was larger than the sheets of scrapbook paper I used so I chose two pieces that I could fit together seamlessly. I put the polka dot paper on top and framed it/attached it to the paper behind it with two different types of washi tape - a solid teal and a clear with teal and gold triangle print. I then picked out a calligraphy font online that I liked, I used this one. I drew two straight lines spaced out onto the paper with pencil to keep my letters straight. I looked at the letters carefully and drew them free hand on the polka dotted paper with a pencil. I erased and redid some of the lettering until I felt like it looked how I wanted it. After I was satisfied, I went over the pencil with a Sharpie and filled in the letters. Note: This is the cheaters way of getting the look of calligraphy, but it works! After the lettering was all finished I searched for a simple coffee cup clip art, picked out another piece of scrapbook paper, and drew the outline of the cup on it with a pencil. I cut out my cup, traced the edges with Sharpie, and placed it beneath the lettering. I drew the steam freehand with pencil to fill the space that I unintentionally left blank and outlined it in Sharpie. Popped the whole thing back in the frame and TADA!! Kitchen/Dining art! Of course, you could use whatever phrase you want and it could be art for any room. Make sure you erase all of your pencil marks - I was eager to be done and hung mine up before realizing I forgot to erase!

**If you aren’t great at eyeballing your letters or the coffee cup - just print them out to trace or cut them out/glue them directly on!

The Maiedae Mixer and I haven’t worn it since. It was a little on the chilly side to be out and about with bare legs but I decided to enjoy the option while it lasts! I feel like fleece lined leggings and real pants are going to be mandatory here soon - so I better take advantage of just being “slightly chilly” while I can! I snagged these adorable studded leopard flats on Saturday night and they went perfectly with the outfit - especially with my leopard print heart earrings! I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of my love for leopard print and I expect that these flats will stay with me until they are worn to the point of having holes in them, just like my last 3 pairs! I’m a little crazy about all of the things embellished with studs/spikes right now so these were too good to pass up!

(photo credit: Groupon for a place here in Lexington offering classes. I almost immediately hit “Buy” - but then I started to think about it a little more.

The wheels turned in my mind: I have almost no upper body strength - I’m going to be horrible at this! OR what if I fall in love with it after a few classes? It will be EXPENSIVE if I want to continue doing it after my 5 classes are over. And then I realized that this is the reason why I don’t do anything for myself. I overanalyze everything. I take things too seriously. I ‘what if’ everything to the point that I can’t decide on anything, I get frustrated, and say NEVER MIND. I drive Nate bonkers with this kind of stuff because he simply decides to do things and then he does them. So after telling him about it and receiving some encouraging words I decided I have to try it. There is no doubt that it will be difficult. I’m in no way delusional about how this will start out at first - frustrating and very probably, painful. Haha. But I can stick with it for at least 5 classes! I’m hoping a friend will go with me. Though I’m pretty sure she’ll be a natural with her history as a dancer/gymnast and I’ll be over there flopping around and trying to hang on. ;]

So, this is the first addition to my “26 Before 27″ list and I’m well on my way to achieving it. I think this will be a fun and hilarious journey to take you guys along with me on so stay tuned! In the mean time… I’m going to go do some pull ups and attempt to delude myself into thinking that I’m going to eventually quit my day job and join the circus. The circus without clowns… because.. you know.. Nate hates clowns.

Have you ever tried anything like this? I’d love to hear all about it!!

Kentucky for Kentucky style. Ok - not really. But this shirt kicks ass, right? Nate and I both kind of love Kentucky for Kentucky and their mission (stated best on their website), Our goals are simple: increase tourism, attract new business, foster pride, diminish stereotypes, unify the Commonwealth, and distinguish Kentucky from any other place on the planet. We both won shirts via a contest on their Instagram and we were pretty stoked to receive and wear them. Nate’s is the same heather gray color but has a different logo on it. I don’t really wear the t-shirt and jeans combo often but I thought these booties and some red lipstick made the whole look a little more fun. All I’m missing is a leather jacket! I have a feeling you’ll be seeing this t-shirt remixed again soon. I like the challenge of dressing up simple pieces and this is a fun one!

T-Shirt: c/o Arden B. // Earrings: Gift // Sun Glasses: Found in the ocean (SRSLY!)

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