What I Wore: Exploring Autumn

The older I get the more excited I get about simple things, like exploring nature and taking walks in the crisp fall air with Nate. This evening we discovered a beautiful biking/running trail near our house that we didn’t even know existed while exploring tiny little roads near our house. I was ecstatic – kicking up piles of leaves and having a good ol’ time. I don’t think I will never get used to having seasons. I’ve come to realize that the changing leaves and the snow on the ground will always feel foreign and special after growing up in Florida. And I love that I still feel that way after living here for seven years! After strolling down the trail for a while we ventured off the beaten path and found ourselves in a cornfield. It was such a scenic view at dusk.

Striped Dress: c/o Aerie
I’m so thankful to have a husband who believes in me and my blog. He’s always willing to to go on little photo shoot adventures with me and help me in any way that he can. Like I said.. I’m appreciating the simple things lately. They make the world go ’round.

4 thoughts on “What I Wore: Exploring Autumn

  1. Katie Burry

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, and I’ve definitely been appreciating the little things lately. After not having many friends (and virtually none that lived within 30min of me) for so long, I’m now super grateful for things like getting to go out to dinner and a movie with my church friends. I think you’re totally right – it’s the little things that make life worth living. <3


  2. emmysuh

    Very cute! I love that you're blondey again! And I know what you mean about the weekends where it seems so special with just the little things. I feel that way a lot these days. I guess we're at that age where we realize how much things change and you start appreciate the sweet little things as you have them. XOXO



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