Christmas Eve in Florida: Highlands Hammock

A warm Florida Christmas is something that will always feel like home. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for the trip than to spend Christmas Eve out in nature, exploring Highlands Hammock State Park in my hometown. Dressed in clothes that wont be worn again for months- bare legs, sleeveless top - scouring the water for gators and turtles. It was the perfect temperature under the canopy of cypress trees, with just the right amount of breeze flowing through.
We took so many pictures because how could you not? The scenery is gorgeous. We only saw one gator but I assume there were many more hiding just out of sight in the weeds. I have so many memories in that park - field trips, family get togethers, etc. The catwalk through the cypress swamp (pictured) is by far my favorite part of the park. It’s so peaceful out there and there’s just something so fun about the tiny little bridge with only one rail. I remember falling halfway off of it once on a elementary school field trip, foot stuck in the mush. Now that I think about it - taking a ton of tiny unbalanced little people on a small bridge trail with one rail seems like a bad idea. But anyway - I love having those memories. ;]

Stay tuned for photos from the second part of our Christmas Eve afternoon out at Maxwell Groves. =)

Well, it’s after midnight here and so it’s officially Christmas! After a crazy adventure in traffic, road blocks, and detours - we finally made it to Florida on Saturday. We have enjoyed hanging out with my family and friends so much and I look forward to the rest of our stay! Eeekk .. I’m feeling pretty excited for everyone to open presents in the morning! We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow- we are managing to meet up with both sides of the family. Since I don’t see them very often it’s a pretty big deal to squeeze in time to see as many people as I can when I’m home. It’s always a whirlwind! I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Time to snuggle with Nate and fall asleep to Christmas Vacation…

PS: How cute is Biscuit? He is obsessed with the Christmas tree!

This has been a busy but wonderful week! Nate and I traveled down to Huntsville, AL on Thursday evening so he could run in the Rocket City Marathon this morning. We’re taking it easy back at the hotel now, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a little round up of Instagram photos and links I’m loving.

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Favorite InstaSnaps of The Week
1. This door is one of many pretty details from my favorite coffee shop - A Cup of Commonwealth.
2. Cooking up a cozy spiced cranberry drink on the stove (stay tuned for the recipe).
3. Anchor Brewing has the most gorgeous packaging. This festive seasonal beer is just perfect.
4. Nate and I, before the race this morning.
5. My new favorite mug.
6. Girl time!
7. Movie date to see Catching Fire.


Favorite Links
♥ The coffee shop I mentioned above, A Cup of Commonwealth, made the national news this week!
♥ This glitter eyeliner tutorial from Maiedae will show you how to glam up your holiday look with minimal effort!
♥ I’m obsessed with mulled cocktails this winter! This one looks particularly yummy!
♥ This cat wearing a shark costume while riding on a roomba will make your day.
♥ I adore finding new inspirational instagram accounts to follow. If you do too, you’ll want to follow my friend Erika - her photos are stunning!
♥ I’m obsessed with checking this blog for deals and reviews on drug store beauty products!
♥ I’m on the lookout for a pair of cat eye frames and these look pretty cute! I like that this website allows you to try them on before purchasing.

Please feel to share any links you’re loving in the comments! =)

A Weekend Trip: Athens, GA

A few weekends ago Nate, myself, and several of our friends made our way down to Athens, GA for the UGA vs. UK football game. It was really nice because we had mutual friends to stay with and visit with while we were there. They were so wonderfully accommodating! The weekend was packed full of good food and coffee, exploring the city, tailgating, and KARAOKE. We all tailgated before the game but Kristie and I opted out of freezing to death at the football game to hang out with Ryan and Mikel. We went out downtown, drank warm yummy drinks, and chatted in charming little hole in the wall hang out spots. The football goers eventually decided to leave the game to join us for drinks and hang time.

And then there was karaoke. Unfortunately there are no pictures or videos to prove that karaoke happened. Womp, womp. Our friend Ryan recognized that the keyboardist (Dottie) from ‘Of Montreal’ (if you don’t know who that is, remember the song from this commercial? that’s them. ha!) was there at the karaoke bar, you know, just singing right along with us common folk. ;] I thought that was pretty fun! We managed to stay out until around 1AM or so, until a guy with the worst singing voice imaginable basically forced us to leave. Ha! After spending two nights on a blow up mattress that deflated in the middle of the night (both nights), I was pretty ready to head home the next morning. Other than the blow up mattress ordeal and stopping at the worst gas station bathroom I have ever been in EVER on the way down… there were no mishaps. ;]

I’m so glad we were able to take this little trip. Nate and I have some of the greatest memories with this group of people and I feel so blessed to call them friends!

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