What I Wore: A Touch of Sebring, Florida

A Touch of Sebring, Florida
While Nate and I were visiting my parents for Christmas my Mom and I went out and did some vintage shopping at a local second hand/consignment boutique. My Mom sells her clothes there often and she’s friends with the owner - so she helps out around the store now and then. She had a little bit of store credit to use and wanted to buy me an outfit for Christmas, so we went and picked one out! You never know what you’ll find in a consignment shop and sometimes it’s hit or miss, right? But I pretty much hit the jackpot. Every single piece of this outfit came from Forever21 // Headband: GiftA Touch of Sebring, FloridaA Touch of Sebring, FloridaThere isn’t a whole lot to my little town and I was relatively unimpressed with it growing up. I definitely had the itch to escape the small town life and I’d say I did that pretty successfully. But there’s nothing like going home, you know? Smelling the orange blossoms on the breeze, wandering around a quaint little downtown full of locally owned shops and restaurants, looking out over the entire town across the lake… it’s nice to be able to go back and appreciate those things as an adult.
A Touch of Sebring, FloridaA Touch of Sebring, FloridaA Touch of Sebring, Florida
Did you move away from your childhood hometown? How do you feel about going back now?



  1. Jessica L says

    Love the dress and these photos! Your husband is a great photographer and such a good sport! I moved away from L.A. a long time ago, but I've been stationed here in San Diego three times now, so I'm not that far away from my hometown again. And I really do prefer San Diego to L.A. -Jess L


  2. Nic says

    I am in love with that dress and those heels! You look great!

    I moved around a lot as a child. I consider the Caribbean home, but I haven't really been able to go back since I left. I visit my family in California as often as I can though.



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