Springtime in Lexington, Kentucky

Some of my favorite weekends this time of year are spent wandering our city’s downtown area. One of my best friends, Kristie, lives in the perfect location in downtown Lexington. On occasion, our husbands go off and do their man things and we spend the afternoon exploring the prettiest nearby neighborhoods and popping in and out of all of the places the boys will never go with us, like cocktail bars and Local Taco (mmmm, chips and salsa)! We pretty much just set out on foot with no plans in particular and end up where we end up! My favorite kind of plans are basically no plans at all.



  1. Jessica L says

    These are such beautiful snaps. And congrats to Nate on his PR! How exciting! One day I hope to PR a marathon, if I stop messing it up! Also, I didn't forget about my button; I need to make one actually. =) I'll do it when I get home from work, whenever that is. Hope you are having a good one. -Jess L


  2. By The Shore says

    Those sound like the most perfect plans + what a gorgeous neighbourhood, indeed. Love these photos and this post. So fun getting a peek at your everyday moments! Hope you're having a fabulous week!! xoxo



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