Aerial Silk Diaries: Workout Wear Wishlist

Top (L to R): 3
Bottom: 2

You GUYS. I never thought I’d be able to say that I’ve bought more workout clothing than regular clothing in the last 6 months but that is now my reality. Nope, I have no idea who I am either. I am pretty consistently checking out sale racks for all of the best deals and it’s usually hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll come across something relatively cute but it’s either A) terrible quality or B) $1000. I’ve yet to come across yoga pants at the mall that I felt were entitled to an $80 price tag.

So I turned to the internet. My Instagram feed is mostly aerial silks, yoga poses, babies, and cats nowadays. I see a lot of people tagging their workout clothing in their posts so I’ve started checking them out! There seem to be some surprisingly awesome (unheard of? well I had never heard of them!) companies out there. I’ve chosen to feature this time around! That one piece would be *perfect* for an aerial performance!



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