Feeling A Little Catty With Glasses Shop + My Second Trimester

Meow! I finally got my hands on a pair of cat-eye glasses, y’all. It has been a long time coming. I’ve partnered up with several online glasses retailers over the past few years of running this little blog (which has really been a blessing because my prescription is ever-changing and glasses can be pricey) but none of them have ever offered the design that I really and truly had my heart set on! You guessed it! Cat-eyes! AND they’re tortoise cat-eyes! I’ve always wanted to try this style and this color. I tend to stick to black usually, which I’ve found to look a little bit harsh on my face in comparison to the tortoise. I’ve finally found my perfect match!

It’s true - I am loving these glasses from GlassesShop.com. I ordered them with ease, received them quickly, and they are exactly as expected. They even came with a cute little case and a soft cleansing cloth. My number one recommendation for purchasing glasses online, though? Go to an actual store and try on a pair as similar as you can possibly find to what you’re thinking of purchasing online. I love that there is the ‘virtual try-on’ option but I really struggle with being able to tell what works with my face shape unless I physically try them on. Maybe even take a friend with you to help you decide on a pair! Once you know what you really and truly want - purchasing online is seriously the best option in my opinion. The price difference is just unreal. I mean, just check out the price
These pictures were snapped at exactly 14 weeks on Wednesday! It feels amazing to finally be in my second trimester. I just feel a bit more at ease now that things have progressed this far. There’s really not much to report as far as changes go - I feel about the same. I’ve definitely grown quite a bit so I’m getting in my last hoorah with regular clothes (like this dress). I actually wore a pair of high-waisted jeans completely unzipped down the side with a long sweater to go Black Friday shopping yesterday. No one was the wiser, haha! Nate and I have really been enjoying the long holiday weekend. I’ve been staying up late and sleeping in a little so my schedule is going to be way off! But I have slept better the last few nights than I have in a while, so it’s worth it. I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

PS: What do you all think of the new blog design? I needed something new and I wanted it to be a bit seasonal! I think it will be fun to change the header as we move through the year. =)

What I Wore:
Dress: Marshalls (similar)
Glasses: GlassesShop.com (these) - take 20% off with CODE Steph20!
Hat: Forever21 (similar)
Top: Target (similar)
Boots: Target (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21

1.Instagram Positivity: This image may not evoke positive feelings for everyone, but it does for me. It feels like the holidays and I’m so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! It definitely brightens my Monday to think about being warm and cozy in my home with a winter wonder land outside! On the other hand, it’s making me thankful for the bright blue sky day that is outside my window today because I know I’ll miss those here soon!

credit: punkodelish

2. Pinterest Positivity: A pretty wallpaper for electronic devices to remind you! Chin up!

credit: here

3. Blog Positivity: Though this story is quite heartbreaking, the fact that so many people are coming together for a family in need is a bright spot in my Monday. Go enter the giveaway!

credit: Bloom: The Blog

4. My Positivity: Today I’m feeling positive about a short work week, entering my second trimester on Wednesday (!!!), embarking on lots of home projects with Nate, Thanksgiving!!!, naps, stretchy pants, warmer weather to remind us that it wont be cold forever, finishing up my Christmas decorating, and getting some of my motivation back!

5. Share Your Positivity: What are you feeling positive about today?! Tell me in the comments.

*** Positively Monday is a weekly feature to remind us all to stay positive, even on those dreaded Mondays! If you would like your Instagram photo, Pinterest submission, or blog post to be considered for an upcoming Positively Monday please shoot me an email or leave a comment! I hope you’ll leave your positive thoughts in the comments!

Influenster Love

So, my first question is - have you heard of Influenster? My second question is, do you like free stuff? If you answered ‘no’ to the first question and ‘yes’ to the second question - click the link, friends! Because this is a website that makes reviewing products that you’ll actually enjoy reviewing simple and easy. (Do I sound like a saleswoman yet?!) PS: If you said ‘no’ to liking free stuff.. just go.. we can’t be friends.

So let me tell you how Influenster works! Sign up, enter your social media accounts, and find out how influential you are! Based on your followers and friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you will receive a score. Then, be active in the community. That’s IT. When I buy any new product I look for it on Influenster and leave a review. I earn badges in different categories based on the different products I review. For example, if I review a beauty product then that would count toward my Beauty badge! Then, if a VoxBox becomes available involving beauty products I may be chosen to receive it! Once I receive my VoxBox - I check my box in on Influenster.com and share my opinions with everyone on all of my different social media accounts. There are different tasks to complete like, “Share a photo of your VoxBox on Instagram”. You just check them off as you go and the more you do, the more chances you have to win more things from the companies who supplied products in that box. Make sense?

I signed up to be an Influenster a few years ago and on top of getting a ton of free stuff I have found some tried and true products and companies that I wouldn’t otherwise have known about. These are products that are now staples in my daily routine! The last box I received, the ModaVoxBox (pictured above), included so many awesome things! I found the perfect clear lip liner to match ALL of my lipsticks and a new hair mask by Clairol called Hair Food that has basically saved my hair. These are things I never would have gone searching for but now that I have had a chance to test them out, I will be buying them the second I run out! This is kind of wonderful for a person like me because I never want to try new products for fear that I wont like them and have wasted money.

I’m sharing this little sales pitch with y’all because I think a lot of people are under the impression that you have to be invited or you have to have a blog or you have to do a lot of time consuming things in order to qualify. None of those things are true! People ask me all of the time how I get to review products and I thought it was time I told you all just how easy it is.

Now go sign up and let me know if you have any questions because free stuff is fun and I shouldn’t be the only one enjoying! =)

Aerial Silk Diaries: Flying Through the First Trimester

Being able to continue doing Aerial Silks while pregnant has been quite a blessing. I was worried at first that I would feel too tired or that my doctor would advise against it. Thankfully, I go to a doctor who understands what it is that I do (another aerialist friend actually works for her) and for me and my pregnancy at this point in time, it has been a-ok to continue doing what I’m doing. I did quit all drops and all wraps that wrapped my stomach immediately. Plus, I stepped back from doing anything that put me upside down until getting clearance at my 12 week appointment on Monday. My instructors have been really great about showing me different moves that I can work on whenever the class is working on something that I’m not comfortable doing. It’s been nice to have them to talk to since they know aerialists who have trained throughout their pregnancy!

There’s not a ton of advice out there on the internet since we are a little bit of a rare breed, but what I’ve taken from everything that I have read is that first and foremost, you should consult your doctor (obviously) and second, listen to your body. I’ve had a surprisingly easy pregnancy so far and I can probably attribute most of that to the fact that I am in such good shape from aerial silks and the fitness classes that I’ve been taking for about a year now. Had I been feeling super tired or really sick, it wouldn’t have been an option for me to continue - so I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve read so many great things about keeping up with your fitness routine (modifying as you go) as much as possible. It generally leads to a much easier birth and who isn’t hoping for an easier birth?! ;]

If you’re pregnant and you’ve stumbled across this little ol’ blog because you’re in search of someone to give you answers on what is ok and what isn’t - just know that unfortunately there is no blue print guide for the pregnant circus performer. There just isn’t. Because there is no truly “typical” pregnancy. We are all so different! So consult your doctor and if they give you the go ahead - be smart, listen to your body, and know your limits. This is most assuredly not the time to learn new tricks or stretch your abilities. I’m not a medical professional by any means but if you are new to silks and still find a lot of what you’re doing to be a huge struggle, I would discontinue until after baby arrives. I find that I feel wonderful after a class and not out of breath, sick, dizzy, etc. If at anytime I feel differently, I’ll be putting silks on the back burner!

If you continue to do silks - be prepared to answer questions from friends/family/strangers. I say “be prepared” because they wont always come in a friendly format. Most people mean well, but their questions may come out sounding much like an accusation that you do not care about your baby, that maybe you’ve simply forgotten that you’re pregnant, or that you are not smart enough to have spoken to your doctor. Probably not what they mean to infer, but infuriating none-the-less.

Safe flying to you and your aerial babes! <3

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