Thoughts on Pregnancy: Week 25

365 Project 2015: Day 27

Let’s see!! I’m not sure there are a ton of updates since last week. I’ve just been trucking right along, doing my daily thing, growing a human - you know! I’ve been pretty busy with work and Pure Romance - which is great. For the most part I really love staying super busy. Every now and then I have a “WOW. I’m SO exhausted.” moment but when you’re doing what you love to do, it all weighs out on the good side of the scale in the end! I promise there will be posts that aren’t just pregnancy updates in the near future! I keep thinking that *this* is the week I’m going to really focus on starting a YouTube channel and incorporating that into my blog. I think it would be so much fun to do video reviews on products and even just plain old daily life vlogs! I’m just very particular about editing the videos - so finding the time to sit down and edit the footage into what I want it to be is a tough one! I did get Final Cut Pro in December though… so .. I really have no excuses!

How Far Along Are You: 25 weeks.
How Big Is The Baby?: My app says he is 13.6 - 14.8 inches and around 2lbs!
How Much Weight Have You Gained?: I think around 20lbs!! Eeeep!
Maternity Clothes: Last weekend I finally had to break down and buy a pair of “maternity” yoga pants. They are actually $10 yoga pants from Forever 21 in a size large with a giant fold over waistband - so I folded it up and TA DA - maternity pants. I really need to do a blog/video on how I’ve managed to do maternity clothing cheaply. I’ve probably not even spent $100.
Stretch Marks: So I keep seeing this little purplish line on one boob and I side-eye it every day when I get out of the shower because I can’t tell if it’s the start of a stretch mark or not. I’ve basically been taking a bath in Save My Skin Body Oil and Body Silk Body Lotion (both by Pure Romance) every single day. I could not possibly be a more moisturized human being.
Sleep: I’ve forgotten what it’s like to sleep well at this point but I’m pretty used to it.
Best Moment This Week: Nate was able to feel baby boy move for an extended period of time and the movements were super strong! The look on his face was priceless!
Movement: Pretty continuous! If I sit still long enough he usually starts to move around quite a bit! I’ve read that my movements rock him to sleep, so I try to sit real still whenever I want to feel him. =) Usually, if I talk to him he’ll kick a lot harder. It’s pretty dang cute.
Food Cravings: I generally just want to be eating everything all day, every day.
Food Aversions: I’d probably eat just about anything at this point.
Labor Signs: I’ve had what I think were a few Braxton Hicks contractions. I woke up around 3AM for about an hour and a half on Monday morning and just felt really uncomfortable. They weren’t painful and I couldn’t really tell where one began/one ended but my stomach definitely felt tight. I experienced something similar at the grocery store the following evening. Nothing since, but I expect them to return.
Belly Button In or Out: Flat.
What I Miss: I’ve been experiencing a lot of lower back pain, so I really miss not feeling achy 24/7.
What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting my glucose test over with this coming week! And I’m trying not to jump too far ahead here but just, holding my baby. I want to hold my baby. RIGHT NOW. ;]



  1. Claudia says

    Braxton hicks are so not fun :( Hopefully they go away for you! It's so exciting that you're this far along already, it seems like it was hardly any time ago you were announcing that you were expecting.


  2. Jessica Lawson says

    Wow, a lot has changed around here since I've been gone! I really like the new layout and I LOVE your hair! From the sound of it, looks like pregnancy is mostly going well for you! You're going to make such a fun awesome mom! - Jessica L



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